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We have 13 lgbt PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships

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How can we best enable LGBT+ people to thrive at work and in business?

This research aims to extend and build upon the work carried out in the Strategy and Organisation Division on diversity and inclusion, specifically on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (as well as other non-heterosexual and non-cisgender) people in the workplace. Read more

EASTBIO Investigating the Assembly of Bacterial Encapsulins for the Efficient Engineering of Nanoscale Bioreactors

Encapsulins are bacterial capsid-like nanocompartments roughly 25-30 nm in diameter. These large protein assemblies are made up of either 60 or 180 copies of a single 30 kDa protomers which assemble to form a hollow icosahedral protein cage. Read more

EASTBIO Using chemistry to reveal nuclear architecture - Multiplexed labelling of RNA, DNA and proteins

The aim of this PhD project is to develop and use biorthogonal chemistry tools to simultaneously label DNA and RNA, and to visualise them together with proteins, namely SAF-A, using super-resolution microscopy. Read more

EASTBIO Biocatalyst cascades for drug synthesis

Project Details. Natural and engineered biocatalysts are already having impact in the manufacture of high value pharmaceuticals by catalysing the conversion of functional groups in high yield. Read more

EASTBIO Bone biomineralisation

This project will investigate the fundamental mechanisms which regulate bone mineralisation through extracellular vesicles. A deeper understanding of this process will expose new therapeutic targets for the treatment of bone disorders. Read more

EASTBIO Expanding the chemistry of non-heme enzymes

Chemical synthesis is widely viewed as being unsustainable. Whilst this is an oversimplification, in many cases chemical production still relies on petrochemicals, rare metals and high energy consumption to make the products we need for modern life. Read more

EASTBIO New chemical tools to understand and exploit tubulin diversity

Microtubules are long polymers important for cell division, intracellular transport and polarity. Many isotypes of microtubules co-exist in human cells and levels of expression vary with the cell type. Read more

EASTBIO Dimers are forever: shining a light on the origins of memory storage using single-molecule microscopy

Memories can last a lifetime, and yet the proteins involved in storing them are replaced on the timescale of a few weeks. One mechanism explaining this phenomenon involves the formation of dimers within the brain. Read more

EASTBIO An integrated approach to deciphering the role of proline in intrinsically disordered protein regions

Proteins often have a well-defined structure that is key to it performing their function. Intrinsically disordered regions (IDRs) have no defined 3D structure and are found in many proteins, yet their purpose is poorly understood. Read more

EASTBIO Understanding the peat microbiome and metabolome: from vegetation to organic matter molecules and microbes

Peatlands are organic matter rich soils that provide countless benefits and ecological services. They represent the largest terrestrial carbon store, containing twice as much carbon as the entire forest biomass on this planet. Read more

The end is the beginning: characterising telomeric ssDNA-binding proteins in C.elegans

  Research Group: Biomedical Sciences Research Centre
Telomeres are protective structures that cap the ends of linear chromosomes. At their core, telomeres are formed from hundreds to thousands of repeats of a consensus telomeric DNA sequence. Read more

MSc by Research on Nature Recovery

You will contribute to the research and knowledge arising from a new large-scale nature recovery project in a diverse former agricultural landscape next to Lincoln. Read more
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