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We have 255 library PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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Circular design tools for the metal sector

The PhD project will be linked to the UKRI Circular Metal Research Centre. In particular it will support the design stream of the programme. Read more

Low-carbon cementitious composites from brick waste powder

The objective of this PhD is to develop high performing low-carbon engineering products that utilise brick waste from the demolition of buildings in two forms. Read more

Next generation electric vehicles

Electric vehicles (EV’s) offer benefits through energy security, energy efficiency, low emissions and precision in their control, hence the great interest in this technology from industry, academia, government and regulators. Read more

CFD modelling of plasma flow control

Active flow control can be utilised to modify fluid flow in advantageous ways without performance penalties of passive flow control. For example, to… Read more

Optimisation of geothermal energy extraction

Geothermal energy offers a huge amount of near zero emission energy, with a small ground footprint at extraction. This can be used for power production, heating, drying and energy storage. Read more

Automatic computational fluid-dynamics

Computational fluid-dynamics (CFD) is undergoing a revolution from steady to high-fidelity unsteady methods. A key time limitation to running CFD is… Read more

Life cycle assessment and circular economy for built environment

Information about the research projects Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) has become the standard for environmental performance assessment of the built environment. Read more

Understanding the mechanisms of metabolic reprogramming in cancer: towards novel therapies

In this project, you will examine whether drug-resistant and drug-sensitive cancer cells display distinct metabolic features and aim to do a series of laboratory experiments to investigate the ability of probes, or drugs, to starve cancer cells of glucose. Read more

Metasurfaces for smart environments

Metasurfaces consist of a planar array of subwavelength-spaced and electrically small particles, whose EM properties can be locally controlled to tailor the overall reflected/transmitted field. Read more

Investigations into the law and ethics of biomedical technologies

In the course of the last three decades, scientific technologies have developed so tremendously that present-day advancements such as CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing, three-dimensional organ bio printing, and the proliferation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our contemporary societies, amongst others, would not have been foreseen. Read more

Can AI based robot car win the race?

A modern Formula 1 race is a breathtaking display of engineering precision. Yet the popularity of the sport arguably has less to do with the performance of the cars than with the skill and daring displayed by the drivers as they push those cars to the limit. Read more

Effects of environmental heat stress on respiratory health

Climate change dictates that global average environmental temperatures are going to increase in the 21st century and heatwaves are going to become more frequent, intense and long-lasting. Read more

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