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library and information PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 119 library and information PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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Poznan University of Technology (PUT) Doctoral School

Poznan Univeristy of Technology (PUT) is one of the leading technical universities in Poland. PUT employs over 2,200 staff and educates nearly 16,500 students including 400 PhD students across 9 faculties ranging from IT to Architecture. Read more

Constructing a stable world: how the brain uses gaze direction to disambiguate sensory information

When objects move in the real world, they create a wave of activity across the retina representing that movement. But the same effect could be achieved by moving our eyes across a static object. Read more

Developing and evaluating a community-based intervention to promote shared book reading and library use at the transition into primary school

This fully funded PhD place provides an exciting opportunity to pursue postgraduate research working in partnership with Leeds libraries and local education providers to develop and evaluate a shared book reading intervention for young children in the summer before they start primary school. Read more

Design for early detection of symptoms of anxiety and depression in university students

Anxiety, depression, and psychological distress can have a severe impact on university student quality of life and academic performance, and recent studies have highlighted the role that the COVID-19 pandemic has played in exacerbating symptoms. Read more

Development of resilient hospitals through enhanced built environment design and research

Approximately one-fifth of the confirmed COVID-19 cases and the majority of the infected frontline healthcare workers were associated with healthcare-acquired infections during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more

Disruptive Digital Experiences

Digital experiences deliberately go beyond simply communicating information - they seek to strongly engage, involve, and emotionally affect the user using digital means. Read more

Investigations into the law and ethics of biomedical technologies

In the course of the last three decades, scientific technologies have developed so tremendously that present-day advancements such as CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing, three-dimensional organ bio printing, and the proliferation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our contemporary societies, amongst others, would not have been foreseen. Read more

Real-time Visual and Haptic Feedback of Grasping Movements in Virtual Reality

The project we propose is multidisciplinary, combining research into 3D graphics, physics, AI, and virtual reality techniques from computer science with new advances in brain mechanisms underlying perception and action, and multisensory integration from cognitive neuroscience. Read more

Study of stray current induced corrosion in railway construction

Railway electrification represents an important carbon strategy in the UK. It is estimated that an electric train consumes at least 20% less power (per passenger per mile) compared to a diesel-powered train. Read more

Natural Language Processing for Business Intelligence

For over a decade, the . Intelligent Data Analysis Research Group.  has been working in an extensive area of artificial intelligence and data science. Read more

PhD opportunities in Intelligent Digital Economy and Society

Learn about industrial issues in need of innovative thinking, and propose industry focussed solutions routed in excellent cutting-edge research. Read more

Continual Learning in Neural Information Retrieval

Neural ranking models for information retrieval (IR) use deep neural networks to rank search results in response to a query. Recently proposed neural models learn representations of language from raw text that can bridge the gap between query and document vocabulary. Read more

Exploring Mediated Forms of Sexual Commerce

The student is invited to investigate forms of postmodern sexual commerce that have come into existence since the inception of the internet. Read more

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