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linguistic PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 34 linguistic PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships



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We have 34 linguistic PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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Learning new words from diverse linguistic input

This project is a large-scale study investigating novel word learning in diverse contexts. We are often exposed. to new words in the rich linguistic input we receive on a daily basis. Read more

Language and Linguistic Science

The study of language and linguistics provides a window on the mind, on people, and on society. We develop linguistic theories that are grounded in diverse and novel forms of empirical data, and we strive to ensure that research leads to real-world applications and societal impact. Read more

Understanding multilingualism: Cognitive, linguistic or social aspects of coordinating knowledge about multiple languages

PLEASE NOTE. This project is for self-funded or externally sponsored students only. We invite applications from strong and motivated candidates to our highly interdisciplinary PhD project on language processing in multilingual contexts. Read more

Language, self, and society: Linguistic inequality and beyond

Language is said to be a uniquely human property which constitutes many aspects of our lives. It serves as a fundamental medium for interactions between people in the society. Read more

Spatial language and spatial cognition (COVENTRYK_U23PSY)

Talking about where objects are located (e.g. in the cup; in front of the cinema; to the left of the stapler; this phone, etc.) is an essential part of language and is underpinned by both linguistic and visuospatial brain networks. Read more

Language and Society

The linguistic team at Ulster University welcomes applications for the PhD study in various areas of linguistics (syntax, semantics, language acquisition and processing, language disorders) from different perspectives (synchronic and diachronic, L1 and multilingualism) which match the research specialisms of the staff. . Read more

Reading and writing in a digital world

The relationship between reading and writing has been well-documented in the literature for printed text. What is less clear is how writing and reading skills relate in a digital world and how digital technologies shape the development of these two skills. Read more

English PhD Programme

As a PhD student in the School of English, you will be studying and researching in one of the largest and the most successful English departments in the UK. Read more

PhD in Linguistics - SF22/ADSS/LING

Contact for general queries relating to these self-funded opportunities. Dr Phillip Wallage , email. Read more

Exploring how Natural Language Processing (NLP) can help with the diagnosis of dementia

  Research Group: Visual Computing
The Alzheimer’s Society acknowledges the COVID-19 pandemic led to a significant decrease in dementia diagnosis rates from 67.6% in February 2020 to 63.5% in June 2020. Read more

Cross-cultural investigations of body image

  Research Group: Centre for Societies and Groups
Research Group. Centre for Societies and Groups. Proposed supervisory team. Prof Viren Swami. Theme. Body image, Cross-cultural, Test adaptation, Psychometrics. Read more

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