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We have 16 liquid crystals PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships

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  Phase behaviour and Dynamics of Colloidal Liquid Crystals of Board-like Particles
  Research Group: Multiscale Modelling
  Dr A Patti, Prof A Masters
Applications accepted all year round
Colloids consist of particles dispersed in a solvent, whose size, between 10 nm and 10 μm, is small enough to neglect sedimentation with respect to Brownian motion.
  Advanced Functional Dyes for Applications in High-Technology Devices
  Dr J N Moore, Dr S Cowling
Application Deadline: 9 January 2019
Background. Dyes have many practical applications in a wide variety of contexts. Examples of their use range from providing simple, stable colours on paper and textiles, to providing switchable colours in more advanced technology applications, such as those found in flat-panel displays.
  Wetting and Microfluidic Flow of Liquid Crystal Droplets
  Dr O Henrich
Applications accepted all year round
Liquid crystals (LCs) are fascinating materials as they feature properties between those of simple liquids and solid crystals. They have been often referred to as the fourth state of matter and ushered in a technological revolution due to their unique capability of modulating visible light.
  Heterotic Computing Practice: Developing a Practical Means for Designing, Constructing and Evaluating Future Heterotic Computers
  Dr M Trefzer
Application Deadline: 31 January 2019
The successful candidate will join our team of researchers working on the SpInspired research project funded by EPSRC and the University of York, UK.
  Protein Crystals and Pharmaceutical Processes: A Fluid-dynamic Approach to Macromolecular Crystal Engineering
  Dr M Lappa
Applications accepted all year round
The relevance of self-organization, pattern formation and non-equilibrium behaviour in a wide range of problems, related to macromolecular crystal engineering and typical pharmaceutical processes for the production of drugs and medicines, calls for a concerted approach using the tools of statistical physics.
  DTC MATH 17- Spreading speeds and traveling waves
  Dr E Crooks
Applications accepted all year round
Front propagation is ubiquitous throughout science and beyond, from the invasion of species in population dynamics to the switching properties of liquid crystals to the spread of rumours, and is often modelled mathematically using initial-value problems and travelling waves for systems of reaction-diffusion equations and their non-local variants.
  Synthetic Biology PhD - exploring how viruses can be used as components in bionanoassembly.
  Prof T R Dafforn
Applications accepted all year round
One of the aims of Synthetic Biology is to build complex bio-machines using the simple building blocks of life.
  Viral assemblies for ultrasensitive sensing
  Prof T R Dafforn
Application Deadline: 6 January 2019
In the future there will be a number grand challenges that civilisation will have to address. Many of these challenges are likely to be addressed through nanoscale engineering.
  Synthesis, design and fabrication of novel tunable components for satellite communication (PhD offer in H2020-MSCA-Innovative Training Network - TESLA)
  Prof Michael Höft
Application Deadline: 31 January 2019
Space is key asset for Europe. Europe’s citizens enjoy the benefits, from jobs and economic growth, to public services, efficient communications and security.
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