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We have 62 literacy PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships

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Developing resilient hospitals through agent-based modelling

Approximate one-fifth of UK confirmed COVID-19 cases and the majority of the infected frontline healthcare workers are associated with healthcare-acquired infections due to contaminated built environments. Read more

Noise reduction of Urban Air Mobility Vehicles using CFD

Urban air mobility vehicles (UAMVs) offer an opportunity to utilise airspace to vastly increase transport capacity and provide near door-to-door service. Read more

Exploring the potential of human-like computing applications for education or healthcare

Intelligent ‘human-like’ and emotionally intelligent applications, such as 3D games and mobile phone applications are becoming more common in our everyday lives, and also as an important area of focus within the fields of Human-Computer Interaction and Multimedia research. Read more

Applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Games for health, life and accessibility

Artificial Intelligence, games, intelligent and interactive applications are becoming more integrated in our everyday lives, as well as becoming important areas of focus within the fields of Creative Computing, Digital Media, Artificial Intelligence and Human-Computer Interaction research. Read more

Investigating of the processing boundaries of Micro Electrochemical Machining Process

The processing boundaries of the micro electrochemical process will be investigated. These include voltage gap, pulses duration and off-time duration, electrolyte flow (especially for micro features machining), electrolyte composition based on processing material. Read more

Application of non-linear boat-tail configurations to the drag reduction of commercial road vehicles

The optimisation of the aerodynamic drag of road vehicles is a very important research area both economically and ecologically. Within the UK, these vehicles continue to be the largest contributor within the transport sector to greenhouse gas emissions, constituting 28% of all emissions in 2018. Read more

AI-based End-to-End (E2E) Directional network slicing with guaranteed QoS over a highly dynamic network

The purpose of this research is to develop autonomously managed slicing of network resources in 5G/6G Networks that are expected to support many use cases ranging from autonomous vehicles, e-health, industry 4.0, entertainment, transport, smart cities etc. Read more

5G Management of Drones in Remote Areas

The purpose of this research project is to use elevation data and combine it into a metaheuristic AI algorithm, so as to generate the optimum location to house a transmitting BS in order to give a receiving location 5G coverage. Read more

The role of sound in people’s experience of smart products and services

This study will investigate the role of sound in people’s experience of smart products and services, and aim to develop a taxonomy and guidance for sound design based on experimental data. Read more

Innovation inspired by disability

Many mainstream innovations were initially a specialised solution for disabled people, i.e. remote control. This PhD study will investigate innovation inspired by disability and develop relevant design heuristics. Read more

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