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  Sustainable Lithium Mining and Recycling using Membrane Technology
  Dr Y Huang
Application Deadline: 11 November 2019
With continual technological advancements in mobile devices and electric cars, the global demand for lithium has quickly outpaced the rate at which it can be mined or recycled.
  Mechanical Behaviour of solid state lithium ion batteries
  Dr D E J Armstrong, Prof P G Bruce
Applications accepted all year round
Developing a solid state lithium ion battery would have a transformative impact on energy storage, particularly in the area of personal transport, especially if it can be combined with a metallic lithium anode.
  Highly Efficient Integration of Lithium Batteries to Improve Reliability and Power Density of WBG-based Medium Voltage Direct Current Converters
  Prof N Jenkins, Dr W Ming
Application Deadline: 31 May 2019
Emerging wide bandgap semiconductors (WBG) offer an opportunity to significantly improve the performance of power electronics converters by increasing switching frequency and reducing losses.
  Discovery of new solid state electrolytes for lithium batteries
  Prof M J Rosseinsky
Application Deadline: 31 July 2019
A 4 year PhD in the discovery of new solid electrolytes for lithium batteries.
  PhD studentship opportunity in Multiscale Modelling of Lithium-sulfur Batteries
  Research Group: Automotive Engineering Research Group
  Dr T Zhang, Dr C Lekakou
Applications accepted all year round
Lithium-sulfur (Li-S) batteries hold the promise of becoming the next generation battery technology for automotive and transport applications due to its 2-3 times higher energy density than today’s lithium-ion batteries.
  Testing Methodologies for Automotive Lithium Ion Batteries
  Prof D Greenwood, Mr M Amor-Segan
Applications accepted all year round
  PhD Studentship: In-operando detection of gas evolution from lithium batteries
  Dr N Garcia-Araez, Prof P N Bartlett
Application Deadline: 1 September 2019
Gas evolution is one of the most important causes of battery degradation, and a potential trigger of battery unsafe behaviour, since gas accumulation will deform the battery chasing, build a high internal pressure and potentially short the electrodes inside the battery producing high local temperatures that can cause uncontrolled thermal runaway.
  Magnesium anodes in ionic liquid electrolytes (DTP)
  Prof M Pasta
Applications accepted all year round
Magnesium metal is an ideal rechargeable battery anode material because of its high volumetric energy density which is almost double that of lithium metal (3833 vs.
  Recycling and reuse of end-of-life lithium-ion batteries for next-generation batteries and catalysis applications.
  Dr P Allan
Application Deadline: 31 March 2019
Applications are sought for a PhD position at the University of Birmingham, funded by the Faraday Institution (
  Oxidic Nanomaterials for High Density Storage in Li-ion Batteries
  Research Group: Chemistry and Biosciences
  Dr S Hickey, Dr W Martin
Applications accepted all year round
The oxides of a number of materials are very appealing candidates as substitutes for conventional anodes in lithium-ion batteries because of their high theoretical capacity, high electric conductivity low potential of lithium ion intercalation, as well as superior electron mobilities, with one such material, SnO2 being particularly appealing.
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