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  Metabolic Reprogramming in Liver Cancer: delineating the role of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in tumour development
  Prof T. Tiganis
Applications accepted all year round
The Tiganis Laboratory is seeking a highly enthusiastic student to conduct research in cancer metabolism and obesity-associated liver cancer.
  Metabolic rewiring in liver cancer: Role of oxidative stress and the Nrf2 pathway
  Dr A. Cox
Applications accepted all year round
Many of the major risks factors for developing liver cancer such as alcohol, obesity, smoking and toxin exposure share in common a role for oxidative stress.
  Fishing for metabolic clues: Role of the Hippo/Yap pathway in reprogramming metabolism in liver cancer
  Dr A. Cox
Applications accepted all year round
The Hippo/Yap pathway is an evolutionarily conserved cascade that plays a fundamental role in governing organ size control, stem cell homeostasis and cancer.
  The role of hepatic cell metabolism in liver regeneration and liver cancer
  Dr D Anastasiou
Application Deadline: 19 March 2019
This 4-year PhD studentship is offered in Dr Dimitrios Anastasiou’s Group based at the Francis Crick Institute (the Crick). In the last two decades there has been an alarming increase in the number of patients with liver disease linked to obesity, alcohol consumption, environmental toxins and pathogens [1].
  Cutting off the fuel supply to starve cancer: Identifying metabolic vulnerabilities in cancer
  Dr K Brown, Dr A. Cox
Applications accepted all year round
A universal characteristic of all cancer cells is the reprogramming of cell metabolism to provide the energy and building blocks necessary to support proliferation and survival.
  Metabolic reprogramming in cancer: starving tumors of essential nutrients to promote cell death
  Dr S Papa
Applications accepted all year round
All the cells in our bodies are programmed to die. As they get older, our cells accumulate toxic molecules that make them sick. In response, they eventually break down and die, clearing the way for new, healthy cells to grow.
  Metabolic evaluation of natural killer cells for use as cancer immunotherapy
  Prof S Khakoo
Application Deadline: 30 March 2019
Lead Institute / Faculty. Faculty of Medicine/Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences. Main Supervisor. Salim Khakoo (Faculty of Medicine)/Marcel Utz (Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences).
  Exploring the role of human cytoglobin in cancer therapy resistance – to start October 2019 - for an MSc by Dissertation (MSD)
  Dr B Reeder, Dr G Brooke
Application Deadline: 24 April 2019
A series of new haemoglobins have been discovered over the past 20 years including a ubiquitously expressed vertebrate protein, cytoglobin.
  Personalised surgery for colorectal cancer cure by use of fluorescence guidance- increasing safety & cancer precision
  Dr R Cahill
Applications accepted all year round
Surgery is the best treatment for colorectal cancer, most especially for cure. It remains a major operation with considerable risks meaning that every effort should be made to ensure maximum safety and effectiveness in obtaining a complete resection.
  Integrative analysis of BAP1-dependencies to identify novel therapeutic targets for uveal melanoma: learning lessons from the lung
  Prof J Coulson, Prof S Coupland
Application Deadline: 28 March 2019
We are seeking an enthusiastic, dedicated individual to join a highly motivated cancer biology research team at the University of Liverpool.
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