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  DTC BIO 4 - Macroevolution of niche breadth: what determines direction of trends towards specialism or generalism?
  Dr K Arbuckle
Applications accepted all year round
Animals vary greatly in the diversity of ecological resources (such as food) they exploit, from specialists feeding on a single prey species to generalists eating almost anything they can overpower and ingest.
  Form, function and macroevolution in dinosaurs
  Dr KT Bates
Application Deadline: 9 January 2019
Dinosaurs dominated terrestrial ecosystems throughout the Mesozoic, and radiated into a diverse array of body shapes and sizes. They are therefore a model system for understanding the interactions between anatomy, function and ecology through time.
  Understanding the diversity of life: trait correlations from micro- to macroevolutionary scales
  Dr G Thomas, Dr A Beckerman, Dr N Cooper
Application Deadline: 9 January 2019
Understanding the mechanisms that lead to biological diversity over long periods of time is one of the most important underpinnings of evolutionary biology.
  Drivers of marine ecosystem change during an ancient abrupt global warming event
  Dr K Edgar, Dr R Butler
Application Deadline: 21 January 2019
The Palaeocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM) ~56 million years ago, is the largest of a series of abrupt global warming events known from the Cenozoic.
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