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  Sensitivity-enhanced benchtop NMR spectroscopy
  Dr M E Halse
Applications accepted all year round
Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy is powerful analytical technique with routine applications throughout the chemical and physical sciences.
  Quantum Phase Transitions Driven by Quantum Fields
  Dr M Hartmann
Application Deadline: 8 February 2019
Quantum phase transitions describe dramatic changes in the properties of a quantum many-body system. An example is a ferromagnet that becomes a paramagnet as the strength of an applied magnetic field is increased beyond a threshold value and the spins in the magnet align to it.
  Demonstration and optimisation of a Field Reversed Configuration (FRC) plasmoid for injection into a High-Energy Density Electromechanical Thruster based on Stabilised Liner Compression for a UK Fusion Rocket propulsion program
  Dr P Shaw
Applications accepted all year round
Introduction to the project. This project aims to investigate an aspect of a potential spacecraft propulsion system which could enable future manned exploration of the solar system.
  Programmable Lab-on-a-chip Exploiting Magnetic MEMS for Medical Diagnostics and Biotechnology
  Dr A Mohammadi
Application Deadline: 30 April 2019
The project will be supervised by Dr Ali Mohammadi in the Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, and Professor Simon Bending in the Department of Physics.
  Tailored mechanical design of biodegradable metallic orthopaedic implant devices
  Dr M Staiger, Dr B Nowak
Applications accepted all year round
Short Project Description. During the last two decades, rigid internal fixation with micro-plates and screws has gained widespread acceptance in the correction of craniomaxillofacial deformities.
  Innovative applications for radiofrequency heating
  Dr J Fernandez-Garcia
Application Deadline: 25 January 2019
Recently radiofrequency heating has been successfully used in fine chemistry and pharmacy considering the main advantages of avoidance of hot spots, very high heat transfer rate from inside out and easy separation of magnetic catalysts by external magnet.
  Synthesis of Highly Axial Lanthanide Single Molecule Magnets
  Dr D P Mills, Prof R Winpenny
Application Deadline: 1 February 2019
An ERC-sponsored PhD studentship is available for an outstanding and ambitious chemist to undertake research in the field of synthetic f-element chemistry.
  Thermoelectric properties of novel 2D materials and Van der Waals heterostructures
  Dr A Kretinin
Application Deadline: 19 March 2019
Background. The discovery of graphene and first studies of its electrical and optical properties initiated the search of other two-dimensional (2D) materials with the properties complementing those of graphene.
  Evaluating the benefits and challenges of ultra-high field (11.7T) for magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy
  Prof R Bowtell, Prof D Auer, Prof P Gowland, Dr P Glover
Application Deadline: 25 February 2019
High magnetic field strength offers great benefits for magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy, providing improved spatial and temporal resolution, greater sensitivity to physiological changes - particularly for functional brain imaging - and access to new contrasts, such as those based on chemical exchange saturation transfer and magnetic susceptibility.
  Physics of magnets and the arrangements of atoms comprising them: theory of magnetic-compositional correlation.
  Prof J Staunton
Applications accepted all year round
There are opportunities for post-graduate research available in the Warwick Theory Group on a theoretical/computational PhD project on the modelling of magnetic materials.
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