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  PhD in wildlife ecology: impacts of bushfires and invasive predators on native mammals in Australia
  Dr T Doherty, Prof D Driscoll
Application Deadline: 30 August 2019
We are seeking a PhD student for an exciting new project on the impacts of bushfires and invasive predators on native mammals in south-eastern Australia.
  Discovering new DNA repair enzymes using archaea as a model for mammals
  Dr E Bolt, Dr T Allers
Applications accepted all year round
This PhD research project will combine protein biochemistry and molecular biology methods, and will provide detailed training into how to analyse gene and protein function.
  Implications of environmentally driven changes in species, functional, and genetic composition across multiple trophic levels as modulators of ecosystem functions and services
  Prof A Ordonez
Application Deadline: 1 May 2019
Research area and project description. Vascular plants constitute one of the most important groups of primary producers and are responsible for essential ecosystem functions such as primary productivity, carbon sequestration, climate regulation, nutrient cycling, soil formation, and habitat support.
  Is there a future for the harvest mouse in arable farmland?
  Dr T Reader
Applications accepted all year round
Project Overview. Small mammals, including the enigmatic harvest mouse (Micromys minutus), have long been associated with cereal farming.
  PhD Studentship in Forebrain Regulation of the Avian Stress Response
  Dr T Smulders, Dr T Boswell
Application Deadline: 15 May 2019
Value of award. £35,566.92 p.a. before taxes (approximately), including fees. Number of awards. 1. Start date and duration. 30 September 2019 for 3 years.
  Low Frequency Ocean Acoustic Phenomena (LOWFOAP)
  Dr P Blondel
Application Deadline: 25 April 2019
The Centre for Space, Atmosphere and Oceanic Science (CSAOS) at the University of Bath is inviting applications for a fully-funded EPSRC iCASE studentship with the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL).
  How does the one-humped Arabian camel survive in the desert without drinking?
  Prof D Murphy, Dr M Greenwood
Applications accepted all year round
Whilst water balance is aggressively defended in all mammals, this is all the more so in the one-humped Arabian camel, which has a remarkable capacity to thrive in the hot, arid conditions of the Arabian deserts (1), and to survive extended periods of dehydration (2).
  Clock gene polymorphisms in Drosophila; natural selection and function
  Prof C P Kyriacou, Dr E Rosato
Application Deadline: 5 May 2019
The molecular function of circadian clock genes are well understood and conserved from flies to mammals, but the implications of natural variation in clock gene sequences are only recently becoming evident.
  Evolutionary insights for engineering improved globin oxygen carriers
  Dr M Berenbrink, Dr J Madine
Applications accepted all year round
Around 2 million red blood cell units at a cost of 120.00 GBP per unit are transfused annually in England alone (
  New insights into cell cycle-dependent control of transcription: implications for cancer
  Prof A Sharrocks, Dr P Shore
Applications accepted all year round
Defects in the cell cycle are the underlying basis to cancer. Work in my lab is aimed at understanding the molecular basis to tumourigenesis through studying pathways which impact on the cell cycle and are deregulated in cancer.
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