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We have 191 market PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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2050 Single Electricity Market Model Development

  Research Group: Architecture, Built Environment and Planning
The Centre for Sustainable Technologies invites applicants for a PhD study “2050 Single Electricity Market (SEM) model development”. Read more

MPhil : DPI Market Diversification

This industrial MPhil project is focusing on providing innovative strategies for market penetration and diversification for DPI (UK) Ltd, a company with excellence in manufacture and sales of display signage. Read more

The Labour Market Returns to Education in China

This is an empirical analysis of the effect of education and training on labour market returns in China. The conventional multivariate regression analysis will serve as a benchmark. Read more

Empowering consumers in threatening market contexts

  Research Group: Centre for Societies and Groups
Research Group. Centre for Societies and Groups. Proposed supervisory team. Dr Magdalena Zawisza. Theme. Consumer Psychology, Gender and Sexualities, Identity and Social Issues, Prejudice and Advertising. Read more

Investigating the demand of data analytics skills in the Scottish labour market and patterns of supply in Scottish HE sector

Skills Development Scotland, amongst other institutions, have highlighted the importance of data literacy and analytical skills. The aim of this project is to understand the demand and supply for data analytical skills within Scotland. Read more

Architectures of Gentrification: Urban Regeneration, Property Development, Heritage, and Community Identity

  Research Group: Architecture, Built Environment and Planning
Since the term Gentrification was first coined by Ruth Glass in 1964 to describe the changes then taking place within London’s inner-urban areas, a rich literature has continued to contest the many perceived positive and harmful effects of these processes. Read more

Contemporary transitions from education to employment: exploring the experience and impact of student’s part-time work and volunteering

Young people today face extraordinary challenges in making their transitions from education to employment. Job shortages, automation, and the pace at which skills become obsolete are some of the obstacles facing young labour market entrants (ILO, 2020). Read more

New lost-cost graphene production to revolutionise engineering applications

  Research Group: School of Chemical and Process Engineering
Industrial collaborators Blast Log Ltd, together with Garrard Jones Engineering Ltd, have developed a novel process using batch flash pyrolysis for the bottom-up synthesis of graphene at large scale. Read more

Planning and Design of Distribution Networks with Integration of Smart Grid Technologies

  Research Group: Communication and Networks
The UK Government’s target is to achieve 15% of electricity generation from renewable energy sources (RES) by 2020. The installation of large amounts of RES in distribution networks introduces several economic and technical challenges to distribution network operators (DNOs). Read more

Harnessing biopharmaceuticals from microorganisms

  Research Group: Midlands Integrative Biosciences Training Partnership (MIBTP)
Background. Most of the bioactive molecules used in agriculture and medicine are made by microorganisms. For instance, Abamectin derives from actinomycete bacteria and is one of the most widely used insecticides in crop protection, with a global market of $938 million every year. Read more

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