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We have 33 material culture PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships



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material culture PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 33 material culture PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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Understanding Cultural Legal Studies: Interrogating Legal Meanings in Artistic and Popular Culture

Emerging out of traditions of law and literature, critical legal studies, and law and popular culture, cultural legal studies is an international field that has recently emerged at the cutting edge of the interdisciplinary study of law. Read more

Research opportunities in the Department of English and Related Literature

The Department of English and Related Literature is a world-leading department. One of the UK's largest graduate schools, we are proud to have built a welcoming, international community with a global outlook. Read more

Research at London Met

Research underpins everything we do at London Met. Alongside our projects in the wider community, our research helps to build connections with stakeholders locally and around the world which allows us to advance our social mission. Read more

University of Liverpool - School of Histories, Languages & Cultures

The School of Histories, Languages and Cultures draws together a unique set of research and teaching expertise found across five departments in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Read more

High-throughput biomaterials discovery

Polymer biomaterials have revolutionised a range of areas from drug delivery, to antimicrobials, to cellular cryopreservation. There are 1000’s of possible monomer combinations, molecular weights and architectures to be explored, and even small differences can dramatically change their properties. Read more

English PhD (option of joint PhD with Hong Kong/Singapore/Humboldt Berlin)

King's is one of the oldest English departments in the country and is home to a lively and supportive group of academics and students engaged in the exploration of literary cultures from the 7th to the 21st centuries. Read more

Developing a Ground breaking Wire-Directed Energy Deposition (w-DED) Technology for Printing Ultra-Thin Walls, Intended for Application in High-Tech Sectors

This PhD project aims to develop a groundbreaking wire-directed energy deposition (w-DED) technology for printing ultra-thin walls, intended for application in high-tech sectors such as healthcare, electronic devices, automotive, and aerospace. Read more

Dissenting Graphic Illustration in Eastern Europe

Graphic illustration may include contemporary forms of illustration such as graphic novels, zines, comics, artist books, reportage illustration, posters, and graphic journalism; it may also include older forms of graphic works such as block prints, chapbooks, and periodical illustrations. Read more
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SRAS++: Using acoustic waves to measure the single crystal elasticity of aerospace alloys. - (ENG 1688)

About the project. Aim. Develop the next generation of a laser ultrasound instrument to simultaneously measure the single-crystal elasticity matrix, the microstructure and the crystallographic orientation of high value aerospace alloys. Read more

Novel epoxy-thermoset polymers for sustainable and recyclable applications (ref: SF22/HLS/APP/UNTHANK)

Epoxy thermoset polymers are essential for the creation of high-performance materials, plastics, coatings and composites and have important applications in renewable infrastructure (wind turbine blades), structural adhesives and lightweight aerospace composites (for more energy efficient travel). Read more

Bioelectronic interfaces that exploit the unique optoelectronic properties of printed 2D multilayer devices - (ENG 1603)

3-year PhD studentship, Faculty of Engineering, University of Nottingham. Applications are invited for a fully funded PhD studentship (3 years) within the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Nottingham, in collaboration with Johnson Matthey. Read more

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