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materials PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 1,079 materials PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

Acoustical Properties of Meta-Materials

  Research Group: Centre For Sustainable Environments
Porous materials such as foams and felts are often used to reduce noise levels. However, these materials are often ineffective at low frequencies. Read more

Experimental Discovery of New Ionic Conducting Materials Towards Net-Zero Technologies

Materials that allow the rapid motion of ions are essential for the new energy technologies needed to meet the challenge of net zero, such as batteries, fuel cells and electrolysers for green hydrogen. Read more

Development and evaluation of novel materials for proton-conducting ceramic electrolysers

Protonic ceramics represent an emergent class of materials that have potential utility in several intermediate-temperature electrochemical applications, including the production of “green” hydrogen. Read more

Integrated Computational Materials Engineering Methodology Development for Liquid Cooling Plate of Power Battery: Stamping and Materials Properties Distribution

The ultimate objective of this project is to develop integrated computational materials engineering methodology for liquid cooling plate of power battery, and provide guidance to design part, stamping process and optimize thermal management system as well. Read more

Additive Manufacturing of High-Performance Composite Materials

This research project offers an exciting opportunity for individuals interested in advancing the field of materials processing science, specifically in the realm of additive manufacturing (AM) of high-performance composite materials. Read more

High-throughput solid state synthesis of functional inorganic materials for net zero applications

The discovery of new functional materials to drive technologies for the net zero transition, such as batteries, solar absorbers, rare-earth-free magnets for wind power and a myriad of other unmet needs, is a scientific and societal grand challenge. Read more

Develop Silicon-based Anode Materials for Next Generation Lithium-ion Batteries

This ARC Linkage project, a collaboration between UTS researchers and industry partner which aims to revolutionize lithium-ion battery technology by developing low-cost, high-performance silicon-based anode materials. Read more

Nanofabrication of novel materials for spintronics and energy harvesting

Society has benefitted from the continued miniaturisation of electronic components to the extent that we now take the availability of portable personal devices such as smart watches, phones, tablets and lighter, faster laptops for granted. Read more

Next-Generation Low-Carbon Cement Wasteforms for Safe Disposal of Radioactive Waste

In the UK, over 150,000m3 of radioactive waste (enough to fill 60 Olympic size swimming pools) has been produced to date. Most of this radioactive waste needs conditioning by encapsulating it in cement to prevent release to the biosphere. Read more
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EPSRC DTP - Drop Based Synthesis of Thermoelectric Materials Libraries for Machine Learning

Complex composition, high entropy materials, show promise for thermoelectric applications because the multicomponent alloying effect decreases thermal conductivity, improving the ZT coefficient of performance. Read more

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