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  Quantitative Risk Assessment for Food Safety (allergens, microbial pathogens or chemical contaminants)
  Prof N Strachan, Dr F Perez-Reche
Applications accepted all year round
This project will use computational methods to assess risks. An expectation of the society we live in is that the food that we eat is safe.
  Moments of change’ as opportunities to leverage sustainable lifestyles
  Research Group: Risk and Environment
  Prof L Whitmarsh
Application Deadline: 10 April 2019
Recent scientific reports emphasise the pressing need to change lifestyles and wider society in order to reduce emissions and adapt to climate change impacts.
  Microstructure engineering of plant protein:polysaccharide mixtures
  Prof B Wolf, Prof S Gras
Application Deadline: 7 April 2019
The phase behaviour, the flow-induced microstructure and properties of animal based protein:polysaccharide mixtures have long been studied.
  Changing diets for sustainability - MScR in Global Environmental Challenges
  Prof D Southerton
Application Deadline: 1 August 2019
About the Project. To meet the global challenges posed by climate change and food security will require that people change their diets.
  Bacterial survival in the host and in the environment is promoted by horizontal gene transfer of additional metal resistance genes
  Dr J Morrissey, Prof P W Andrew
Application Deadline: 5 May 2019
Excess copper is highly toxic and forms part of the host innate immune system’s antibacterial arsenal, accumulating at sites of infection and acting within macrophages to kill engulfed pathogens.
  Characterising mechanisms that control Marek’s Disease Virus genome release from telomeres during reactivation from latency
  Dr N J Royle, Dr R Badge
Application Deadline: 5 May 2019
Infection by Marek’s Disease Virus (MDV) is followed by latency, T-cell lymphomas and reactivation. It has significant deleterious effects on chicken health and welfare, with an annual estimated loss close to $2 billion to the global poultry meat and egg production industries.
  Genotype-to-structure: analysis of the glycosylation of the flagella of Campylobacter jejuni, a major cause of food-borne gastroenteritis
  Dr C D Bayliss, Prof J Ketley
Application Deadline: 5 May 2019
Campylobacter jejuni is the major causative agent of foodborne gastroenteritis across Europe. Contaminated chicken meat is the main source of infections and hence control of this pathogen is critical to food security in the poultry industry.
  Iron acquisition using host lactoferrin by the bacterial pathogen Campylobacter jejuni
  Prof J Ketley, Dr J Morrissey
Application Deadline: 5 May 2019
Campylobacter jejuni is the main cause of bacterial food-borne disease in the UK and is a global public health priority. Infection and transmission are usually linked with contaminated food or water, with chicken being a major source.
  Understanding how mutability facilitates survival of alternating selection and bottlenecks by the major food-borne pathogen Campylobacter jejuni
  Dr C D Bayliss, Dr A Morozov
Application Deadline: 5 May 2019
Bacterial pathogens are subject to two strong pressures during spread within and transmission between hosts.
  PhD: Food recycling: Utilising food waste for valuable proteins
  Dr A Ali
Applications accepted all year round
Supervisors. Asgar Ali (PI) (Biosciences, UNM), Le Cheng Foh (Biosciences, UNM), Tim Parr (Biosciences, UNUK). Based in School of Biosciences, Semenyih, University of Nottingham Malaysia.
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