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  Pervasive Technology for Multimodal Human Memory Augmentation
  Dr S Clinch
Applications accepted all year round
This project aims to investigate the use of technology in supporting human multi-sensory memory augmentation. Technology has long had an important role in supporting human memory.
  Personal semantic memory across the lifecourse (RenoultLU19PSY)
  Dr L Renoult
Application Deadline: 20 January 2019
Declarative memory is typically defined as consisting of two independent systems. episodic and semantic. However, since this dichotomy was established, additional aspects of declarative memory have been described, which appear to share some features with episodic and semantic memory, but are also dissociable from them.
  Digital Multimedia and Human Memory - Preventing Technology-Driven Memory Degredation
  Dr S Clinch
Applications accepted all year round
Digital Multimedia and Memory. Technology has the potential to transform the way that we think and remember, with potential positive and negative impacts on every aspect of our lives.
  Increasing the Quality of Rape Survivor Memory Evidence
  Dr H Flowe, Dr M. Colloff
Applications accepted all year round
Recent research has found that witnesses and rape victims (Flowe et al., in press; Flowe et al., 2016) strive to volunteer their strongest memories and withhold weaker ones, which enables them to avoid providing erroneous information.
  Shaping memories during sleep - how learning-related changes in the sleeping brain impact long-term memory
  Dr B Staresina, Dr S Hanslmayr
Application Deadline: 6 January 2019
Why do we sleep? Considering that we spend roughly a third of our lives asleep, seemingly unproductive and vulnerable, there must be an immense evolutionary benefit to sleep.
  The influence of confidence on memory and metamemory conformity
  Dr K Zawadzka
Applications accepted all year round
In everyday life, people often complement what they remember with information from external sources, such as media, books, or other people.
  Working memory and language comprehension - investigating the conditions under which memory interference effects emerge
  Dr I Cunnings
Applications accepted all year round
Successful language comprehension involves retrieving information from working memory. For example, correctly interpreting pronouns, words like ‘he’ and ‘she’, involves retrieving information about who the pronoun refers to from memory.
  MRC DiMeN Doctoral Training Partnership: From cells to mind: Relational neurons and computations creating mental structures crucial for learning and memory
  Prof C Petkov, Prof T Griffiths, Prof M Kaiser, Dr B Wilson
Application Deadline: 21 January 2019
Nowadays, the vast majority of scientific advances depend on interdisciplinary training and approaches.
  Development of Smart Memory Alloy with Enhanced Structural Performance under fire (Advert Reference: SF18-2/MCE/GONZALEZ SANCHEZ)
  Dr S Gonzalez Sanchez, Dr K Poologanthan, Dr B Nagaratnam
Applications accepted all year round
Shape memory alloys (SMAs) are special materials with a substantial potential for various structural engineering applications. The novelty of such materials lies in their ability to undergo large deformations and return to their un-deformed shape through stress removal or heating (shape-memory effect).
  Regional humoral immunity in the lung; exploring the function and biology of resident memory B cells in resistance against influenza virus
  Dr T Arnon, Prof I Udalova
Application Deadline: 11 January 2019
Influenza virus is a common airborne pathogen that continues to present a significant medical challenge causing over 3 million cases of critical illness and up to 500,000 deaths per annum.
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