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  Characterising and repurposing cyanobacterial CO2-fixing organelles for metabolic engineering
  Dr LN Liu, Dr J Hartwell
Applications accepted all year round
Compartmentalisation represents an effective strategy used by cells to enhance their activities. By creating physical barriers and compartments, cells sequester the metabolic pathways from the cellular milieu to allow controls of metabolic flux and toxic diffusion.
  Synthetic metabolic pathways and biosensor systems for production and detection of chemicals in Cupriavidus necator
  Dr N Malys, Prof N Minton
Applications accepted all year round
The production of chemicals from renewable sources is a key for a sustainable future. Various compounds can be produced by bacteria and yeast carrying synthetic metabolic pathways assembled of multiple genes derived from other organisms.
  Engineering sustainable routes to carbon capture and reusage: Conversion of CO2 from steelworks to coating products.
  Dr S Bryan, Dr D H Kim
Application Deadline: 30 August 2019
The need to develop sustainable, renewable Industrial processes is crucial and one of the foremost global challenges facing humanity.
  Engineering Cupriavidus Necator H16 to Convert CO2/Waste Stream into Useful Chemicals Using a Synthetic Biology Approach
  Dr TS Wong, Dr K Tee
Applications accepted all year round
This project falls under the umbrella of carbon capture and utilization (CCU), i.e., to turn a greenhouse gas CO2 into a useful feedstock for chemical syntheses.
  Engineering Microbial Communities for Biotechnology and Bioremediation
  Dr J Pandhal
Applications accepted all year round
Microbial biotechnology is usually undertaken by a single species in a fermenter. However, some processes are metabolically challenging for a single species and therefore more suited to communities of microbes.
  Synthetic Biology Approaches to Improve the E. coli Biomanufacturing Platform
  Dr J Pandhal, Prof M.J. Dickman
Applications accepted all year round
E. coli is used to produce proteins for multi-billion pound industries for the production of biocatalysts, therapeutics and diagnostics.
  The production of alcohols as commodity chemicals/ biofuels using yeast as a vehicle
  Prof M Ashe, Prof C M Grant, Dr J-M Schwartz, Dr J Winterburn
Applications accepted all year round
Crude oil represents probably the most important natural resource to industrial nations. As well as fuel, crude oil is used to produce a host of chemicals that govern modern day life.
  Regulation of clostridial solvent production by quorum sensing
  Dr K Winzer
Applications accepted all year round
Second Supervisor. Ying Zhang. Background. The genus Clostridium comprises a large group of strictly anaerobic and metabolically diverse spore-forming bacteria.
  Monitoring bacterial metabolism using advanced metabolomics methods
  Dr D H Kim, Prof D A Barrett
Applications accepted all year round
The University of Nottingham seeks an enthusiastic PhD candidate to work on an exciting multi-disciplinary project that brings together the techniques of synthetic biology, analytical science and systems biology.
  XenoImport – Towards expanding natural metabolism
  Prof S Panke
Applications accepted all year round
The Bioprocess Laboratory (BPL, Prof. Sven Panke) of the ETH Zurich is offering PhD positions in the fields of Synthetic Biology and expanding natural metabolism starting July 2018 at the earliest.
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