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  A biogeochemical conundrum: How do metals cross the bacterial outer membrane?
  Dr C Blindauer, Prof D J Scanlan
Application Deadline: 21 January 2019
Project Highlights. Highly efficient uptake of metal ions is central to major biogeochemical cycles. The project will provide insight into an important unsolved aspect of marine biogeochemistry.
  (BBSRC DTP) Metal handling systems in metal-reducing bacteria: Application to engineering high activity biometallic catalysts for clickable chemistries
  Dr J Cavet, Prof J Lloyd, Prof N Turner
Application Deadline: 31 January 2019
This project will contribute to a multidisciplinary research team focussed on the development of a new approach to making high value chemicals for a range of industries (including pharmaceuticals), in the vibrant and rapidly developing area of industrial biotechnology.
  Metal dithiocarbamates and xanthates as potential masked labile precursors to metal oxides
  Research Group: Nano and Functional Materials
  Dr D Lewis
Application Deadline: 30 September 2019
Traditionally, a range of high temperature powder processing techniques was used for the synthesis of metal oxide powders – the so-called shake and bake method.
  The importance of metal binding for the function of rice proteins that interact with pathogen effectors
  Prof C Dennison
Application Deadline: 11 January 2019
Global demand for food is rising and plant pathogens are one of a number of major threats to crop harvests. Plant pathogens produce effector proteins that remodel host cell processes for the benefit of the pathogen, resulting in disease.
  Synthesis and functional studies of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) derived from high oxidation state metal ions
  Research Group: Chemistry and Biosciences
  Dr S Nayak, Dr K Afarinkia
Applications accepted all year round
Metal-organic frameworks or MOFs are a class of porous materials made of metal ions and rigid organic linkers which are known secondary building units or SBUs.
  Synthesis and study of metal chelators against neurodegenerative diseases and cancer (ref:SF18/APP/Tetard)
  Dr D Tetard
Applications accepted all year round
Because of the involvement of metal in numerous biological processes, in particular in oxidative stress and enzymatic action, the study of metal chelators as potential therapeutic agents has been growing.
  Novel bacteria-mediated metal detoxification strategies for bioremediation
  Dr S Gebhard
Application Deadline: 6 January 2019
Heavy-metal contamination is a major problem worldwide, with fertilizers, pesticides, dyes, paints, and industrial processes such as metal processing and mining contributing to the problem.
  Development of carbon-based heterogeneous (photo)catalysts
  Dr N Sergeeva
Applications accepted all year round
In many cases, chemical industry uses precious metals or metal oxides based catalysts. These catalysts are expensive and often are not highly selective increasing waste and producing greenhouse gases.
  Additive manufacturing of metal components using FDM technology
  Dr H Hassanin, Dr Y Zweiri
Applications accepted all year round
Additive Manufacturing (AM) is a game changing production technology for many applications. Fused deposition modelling is one of the most widely used AM technologies and recently has gained much attention in the advancement of many products.
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