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  Voltammetric detection of trace metals at mercury-free electrodes
  Dr P Salaun, Dr C Mahaffey
Application Deadline: 23 January 2019
Our aim is to develop new analytical methods to detect trace metals that are of environmental or industrial concerns. Metals (e.g.
  Precious metals of the Anthropocene - QUADRAT
  Dr T Mighall, Prof A Meharg
Application Deadline: 31 January 2019
Understanding the consequences of metal pollution is of increasing importance given the ever-growing consumption of resources and the increasing sophistication of metallic products, creating new and different types of waste, which is often discarded into the environment (Nriagu, 1990).
  Computer simulation of metal-amyloid interaction and its role in plaque formation
  Dr J Platts
Applications accepted all year round
Alzheimer’s disease is one of the greatest healthcare challenges facing 21st century society. AD is associated with formation of fibrils and plaques in brain tissue that impair proper functioning of neurons.
  Innovative manufacturing of refractory metals
  Dr A Shokrani
Application Deadline: 1 April 2019
The global demand for electricity is increasing at 3.1% and the need for a clean and sustainable source of energy is paramount. Fusion energy research seeks to generate clean, safe, and abundant electricity and this PhD studentship is a lifetime opportunity to have an impact on realisation of fusion power plants.
  Metals and host-pathogen interactions: the role of metal handling systems in the human gastrointestinal pathogen Campylobacter jejuni
  Dr J Cavet, Dr D Linton
Applications accepted all year round
Campylobacter jejuni is a globally important food-borne pathogen causing an estimated 400-500 million cases of acute human gastroenteritis each year.
  Asymmetric catalysis using environmentally benign calcium complexes
  Dr B Ward
Applications accepted all year round
Dr Ben Ward http://www.cardiff.ac.uk/people/view/38527-ward-benjamin is looking for a PhD student to work on the research project ’Asymmetric catalysis using environmentally benign calcium complexes’.
  Heterogeneous Nucleation during Solidification of Light Metals
  Prof I Chang
Applications accepted all year round
Applications are invited for four full time PhD studentships BCAST at Brunel University London beginning 1st February 2018 or later, to be agreed at interview.
  Precious metals in the fight against cancer
  Dr I Romero-Canelon
Applications accepted all year round
Platinum-based complexes, Cisplatin, Oxaliplatin and Carboplatin, are the most widely used chemotherapeutics, nonetheless there is a major unmet clinical need for new treatments that expand the range of treatable cancers and overcome inherent and acquired platinum resistance.
  Transition metals supported on hierarchical meso-micro-porous material for low-temperature selective catalytic reduction (SCR)
  Dr X Fan
Applications accepted all year round
Synthetic zeolites are commercially important materials, primarily used as catalysts in a wide range of chemical industries such as petrochemical processes.
  Understanding and mitigating the environmental impacts of metal ore processing wastes produced using “green” solvents
  Dr GRT Jenkin, Dr M Whelan
Application Deadline: 21 January 2019
Conventional mineral extraction from mined ores (e.g. for metals) is often an energy-intensive process, requiring either smelting or leaching at elevated temperature, or the use of large quantities of strong acids or bases that are energy intensive to produce.
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