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  MRC Precision Medicine DTP: Stromal transcriptomic signatures in prostate cancer metastasis and hormone therapy resistance
  Research Group: MRC Centre for Reproductive Health
  Dr B-Z Qian, Prof H Y Leung, Dr A Sims, Prof P Wiklund
Application Deadline: 7 January 2019
Background. A tremendous amount of cancer ‘-omics’ data have been generated with the intention to stratify patients for personalized diagnosis and treatment.
  Cell biology and evolution of cancer metastasis
  Dr P R Dash
Applications accepted all year round
We are interested in the spread of cancer, a process called metastasis. Metastasis is responsible for the majority of cancer deaths and there are currently no effective treatments to stop this process.
  Barts Cancer Institute funded PhD: Elucidate the Role Of MMR Loss in Endometrial Cancer Metastasis
  Research Group: Barts Cancer Institute
  Dr S Martin
Application Deadline: 1 January 2019
We are pleased to offer a fully funded PhD studentship starting in March 2019. Our research training programme aims to develop a cohort of scientists equipped both intellectually and technically to conduct the highest quality cancer research.
  Endothelial regulation of organ microenvironment and metastasis during tumour progression
  Research Group: Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology
  Dr C Branco, Dr D Fitzgerald, Dr M Wilson
Application Deadline: 20 January 2019
The blood vessels are the vehicle through which circulating tumor cells travel from their original site to distant organs, often to form metastasis, the major cause of cancer-associated mortality.
  Targeting chemokine receptors to prevent cancer cell metastasis (MUELLERAU19SF)
  Dr A Mueller
Application Deadline: 10 May 2019
The migration of cancerous cells is controlled by a number of pro-inflammatory macromolecules such as chemokines and their receptors.
  Mechanisms of Cancer Stem Cell Survival, Metastasis Formation and Immune Evasion in Cancer
  Dr D Widera
Applications accepted all year round
Recent research suggests that cancer cells within a tumour represent a highly heterogeneous cell population. In particular many tumours contain small percentage of cells that share several characteristics with stem cells.
  Parallels between wound healing and cancer – role of epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT)
  Research Group: Centre for Skin Sciences
  Dr M J Thornton, Prof A M Graham
Applications accepted all year round
Wound healing and cancer metastasis share common early signalling pathways that have led to the hypothesis that tumours are “wounds that do not heal”, a phrase first coined by Virchow in the 19th century.
  Molecular mechanisms underpinning EML4 driven microtubule stabilization and cell migration
  Dr A M Fry, Prof K Brown
Application Deadline: 1 January 2019
EML4 is a poorly characterised microtubule-associated protein [1]. The purpose of this cell biology-focused PhD project is to explore the molecular mechanisms through which EML4 regulates microtubule dynamics and cell migration.
  Functional significance of IL-1B in breast cancer bone metastases
  Dr P Ottewell
Applications accepted all year round
Breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer and leading cause of death in women worldwide. Up to 75% of patients with advanced breast cancer develop bone metastases and patients with this condition have a median survival of around 2-3 years.
  Cancer Research UK funded Clinical Research Fellowship: Dissecting the role of MLH1 in metastatic endometrial cancer
  Research Group: Barts Cancer Institute
  Dr S Martin
Application Deadline: 6 January 2019
We are now accepting applications for our Cancer Research UK funded Clinical Research Fellowships to start in September 2019. Our Cancer Research UK funded Clinical Research Fellowship provide up to 3 years’ support for clinically qualified professional to undertake research training within Barts Cancer Institute.
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