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  Molecular nano-immunology and optical microscopy: the application and development of ultra-sensitive, live-cell fluorescence microscopy techniques with a spatial resolution down to the molecular level
  Prof C Eggeling
Application Deadline: 11 January 2019
The Nano-Immunology group is based in the Human Immunology Unit at the MRC WIMM. The Group is headed by Prof Christian Eggeling, an expert in fluorescence microscopy and especially in the development and application of super-resolution fluorescence (STED) microscopy with a long-standing record in this field.
  Membrane shaping, cytoskeletal and nuclear envelope (NE) proteins in NE dynamics during cell division: a study that will develop and use correlative super resolution light and electron microscopy (sCLEM)
  Dr M Goldberg, Dr I Karakesisoglou, Dr T Hawkins
Application Deadline: 11 January 2019
Scientific aims. the nuclear envelope (NE) is a central cellular hub with roles in ageing, cancer migration and degenerative diseases.
  MRC DiMeN Doctoral Training Partnership: Developmental imaging of bacterial biofilms with advanced microscopy, image processing and machine learning
  Dr S Holden, Dr B Obara
Application Deadline: 21 January 2019
We are looking for an outstanding physical/ computational scientist to develop cutting edge microscopy and quantitative imaging tools for high resolution imaging of bacterial biofilms.
  Measuring the sp3/sp2 carbon content ratio in a single nanodiamond using quantitative optical microscopy
  Prof P Borri, Prof O Williams
Applications accepted all year round
Nanoparticles have attracted enormous attention in the past decade for applications ranging from photonics devices to labelling and drug delivery in biology and medicine.
  Advanced microscopy for blood flow field mapping in the heart
  Dr J Taylor, Prof A Harvey
Application Deadline: 13 January 2019
A PhD studentship is available in the Imaging Concepts Group at Glasgow University, developing and applying advanced optical microscopy and computational imaging techniques to measure and study the blood flow and heart function in the developing zebrafish heart.
  Laser-free high-resolution localisation and dynamics microscopy in controlled complex cellular environments
  Dr J Bernadino de la Serna, Prof M Booth
Application Deadline: 25 January 2019
Keywords. Superresolution microscopy, live-cell single molecule imaging, cell sensing and remodelling dynamics, T cell Biology, Immunophysics and Immunoengineering.
  De-novo building protein models into Electron Microscopy maps at intermediate resolutions
  Dr K D Cowtan, Prof A A Antson, Dr J Agirre
Application Deadline: 7 January 2019
A PhD position is available to work in the group of Dr Kevin Cowtan on computational methods for automatic building of protein structures.
  Advanced Microscopy Image Analysis for Life Science Applications
  Dr Y Zheng
Applications accepted all year round
Microscope imaging plays an ever-increasing role in life science research. A large number of images can be continuously generated by various different devices (light microscopy, fluorescence microscopy, electron microscopy, and light-sheet microscopy).
  MRC DiMeN Doctoral Training Partnership: Discovering the neuronal signalling mechanism at the heart of cardiac arrhythmias
  Dr I Jayasinghe, Dr N Gamper, Prof E White
Application Deadline: 21 January 2019
Background. Cardiac arrhythmias are a leading cause of mortality and long-term morbidity worldwide. Over 25% of these originate in the heart’s electrically-autonomous (pacemaking) cells without a detectable heart attack.
  Native state and volume electron microscopy of nanoparticle-based systems
  Dr N Hondow
Application Deadline: 15 February 2019
Electron microscopy is ideally suited to the nanoscale imaging and analysis of materials; the spatial resolution and availability of advanced spectroscopic techniques afford the opportunity for detailed structural and compositional investigations.
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