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  Developing a Multi-Pollutant Water Quality Model for Spatial Targeting of Land Management Interventions to Reduce Water Pollution
  Dr M Glendell, Dr L Jackson-Blake, Dr I Pohle, Prof A J Wade
Application Deadline: 4 January 2019
This studentship, jointly funded by the James Hutton Institute and SCENARIO programme at the University of Reading, aims to quantify the response of carbon, nitrogen, sediment and phosphorus in river-systems to small-scale pollution mitigation measures.
  How can we reduce the numbers of people exposed to particulate matter in the UK?
  Prof M Evans, Prof A C Lewis
Application Deadline: 7 January 2019
Air quality in the UK has received increasing attention over the last decade. The government is drafting a new air quality strategy (
  MRC Precision Medicine DTP: Limiting infection: Identifying factors for the in vivo dissemination of themajor nosocomial pathogen Klebsiella pneumoniae
  Dr T Schneiders, Prof D Dockrell, Prof C G Becker, Prof F Balloux
Application Deadline: 7 January 2019
Background. The zebrafish infection model (Danio rerio) is a reliable verterbrate model which harbors a mammalian-like innate immune system.
  PhD in Psychological Medicine & Clinical Neurosciences - Analysing the mechanisms underlying dystonia pathogenesis through characterisation of a Drosophila melanogaster model of Myoclonus Dystonia
  Dr K Peall, Dr O Peters
Application Deadline: 27 February 2019
ackground. Dystonia is one of the most common movement disorders, affecting ~1% of the population worldwide. Well recognised forms include writer’s cramp, although more severe forms are frequently observed.
  Integrating omics, imaging and informatics to develop physiology-based kinetic (PBK) models for perturbation biology in an invertebrate model species
  Prof M Viant, Dr B Campos, Dr C Rivetti, Dr I Sorrell
Application Deadline: 6 January 2019
This exciting 4-year BBSRC iCASE PhD opportunity bridges the University of Birmingham’s (*) metabolomics team and Unilever’s Safety and Environmental Assurance Centre (SEAC), both having state-of-the-art facilities and renowned research programmes, thereby creating an excellent environment for this challenging yet impactful research project.
  Development of a human cell-based model for otitis media
  Prof C Bingle, Dr L Bingle
Applications accepted all year round
Project details. Otitis media (OM) is the leading cause of paediatric surgery and the most frequent reason for the prescribing of antibiotics.
  NERC Panorama Doctoral Training Partnership - Modulation of El Niño Southern Oscillation and its impacts by the mean climate state
  Dr A Maycock, Prof P Forster
Application Deadline: 7 January 2019
The El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) is the leading mode of interannual climate variability in the tropics and affects regional climates around the globe.
  SCENARIO: Evaluating and improving high-resolution high-impact weather numerical weather forecasts
  Research Group: SCENARIO NERC DTP
  Dr RS Plant, Dr T Stein
Application Deadline: 25 January 2019
Over the past decade, high-resolution numerical weather forecasting has become practical using so-called “convection-permitting” models for lead times of 1-24 hours.
  Evolution of deep water along the path of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current
  Dr Y Firing, Dr J Hirschi, Prof H Bryden, Dr E McDonagh
Application Deadline: 4 January 2019
Programme website. Project Rationale. The uptake and storage of heat and carbon by the ocean are crucial controls on the climate system and on future climate change, and are highly sensitive to the properties and distribution of deep waters upwelling in the Southern Ocean.
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