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  Optimal control of long-term feedback during periodic and continuous movements
  Dr G Blenkinsop
Applications accepted all year round
Movement variability is inherent in human movement, which during periodic and continuous movement may accumulation over time to cause significant deviations away from the planned movement pattern.
  Neuro-biomechanics of movement recovery (PomeroyVU18SF)
  Prof Valerie Pomeroy
Application Deadline: 31 May 2019
The 3-year research investigation for this studentship will focus on advancing knowledge of the neuro-biomechanical mechanisms of movement recovery after stroke.
  Designing protected areas networks that incorporate animal movement and habitat Connectivity (FRANCOUENV19ARIES)
  Dr A Franco, Prof C Peres, Prof CD Santos
Application Deadline: 8 January 2019
BACKGROUND. Biodiversity loss is one of the major challenges of the Anthropocene and the establishment of robust networks of protected areas is one of the key actions identified to address this challenge.
  Modelling movement of large sediment in river flows
  Prof J Hooke, Dr J Cooper
Application Deadline: 23 January 2019
Motivation and wider context. In high magnitude flood events very large particles, including boulders and large pieces of masonry can be carried, especially in ephemerally-flowing channels of dry climates.
  Predictive motor control in autism: establishing whether movement difficulties are caused by problems with prediction
  Dr E Gowen, Dr E Poliakoff, Dr S Baines
Applications accepted all year round
Autism is a life-long condition affecting communication and social interactions. ~70% of autistic individuals also have movement difficulties such as poor eye-hand coordination and unstable balance.
  Eye movement control and text processing: Effects of reading goals
  Dr S J White, Prof K Paterson
Applications accepted all year round
Many empirical studies (Rayner, 2009) and several sophisticated computational models (Reichle, Pollatsek, & Rayner, 2003) now provide excellent accounts of the mechanisms involved in word recognition and eye movement control during reading.
  The importance of sensory acuity and sensory thresholds in human postural control
  Dr G Blenkinsop
Applications accepted all year round
The control of movement and posture requires the detection of the environment through various sensory receptors throughout the body.
  Quantifying the body language of threatening behaviour (RDF19/HLS/PSY/McCARTY)
  Dr K McCarty
Application Deadline: 25 January 2019
How can we detect threatening individuals? If we could identify individuals with nefarious intentions, we could reduce the threats of terrorism, violence, and assault.
  Understanding eye-hand coordination in object interception – a computational modelling approach
  Dr S-H Yeo
Applications accepted all year round
This PhD project with Dr Yeo will focus on understanding how we perform interception. Interceptive movements--such as catching a gently thrown ball, quickly grabbing a tilting cup to avoid spilling or even just handshaking someone--feel like trivial everyday tasks for us that seemingly look too simple to study.
  Navigating fragmented tropical landscapes; understanding how forest fragmentation affects bird behaviour
  Dr D Dent, Dr S G Willis
Application Deadline: 4 January 2019
Over the last century much of the tropical forest biome has been converted from continuous tracts of undisturbed forest to complex human-modified landscapes composed of degraded primary forest fragments, secondary forest, pasture and agricultural land [1,2].
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