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We have 97 movement PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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Deriving mental and emotional states from movement co-ordination patterns

A number of commercial software exists that allow deriving emotions of users based on their facial expressions (e.g. a smiley face is typically interpreted as a happy state, whereas a frowning face is often seen as representing angry or sad state). Read more

Perceptual stability in Virtual Reality across the adult lifespan

When we move, stationary parts of the world around us move on the retina. Of course, usually we correctly interpret this retinal motion as due to our own movement and not movement of the surrounding environment. Read more

Design Apothecary of Embodied Knowledge for Inclusive Spaces

The Design Apothecary of Embodied Knowledge aims to bring together hybrid processes informed by design, movement practices and emerging technologies to examine how we can better map thinking in ways of movement in architectural design. Read more

Gaze and Eye Movement in Multimodal 3D User Interfaces (AR/VR/XR)

We invite application from highly motivated PhD candidates with interest in HCI technology and their foundations in human vision and the movement of eye, head, hand and body. Read more

Using eye movement methodology to investigate attentional allocation in Psychopathy

The School of Psychology and Computer Science invites applications for a PhD (via MPhil) studentship to be based jointly in the Perception, Cognition and Neuroscience (PCN) Group at UCLan (Preston) and at Ashworth Research Centre (ARC) within Ashworth Hospital (a high-secure NHS forensic mental health inpatient unit near Liverpool). Read more

Understanding eye-hand coordination in object interception - a computational modelling approach

This PhD project with Dr Yeo will focus on understanding how we perform interception. Interceptive movements--such as catching a gently thrown ball, quickly grabbing a tilting cup to avoid spilling or even just handshaking someone--feel like trivial everyday tasks for us that seemingly look too simple to study. Read more

Influence of listener movement on tonality and spatial quality in adaptive immersive surround sound systems

  Research Group: Communication Technologies
Whilst there is a significant body of work that focuses on the spatial quality and tonality of immersive surround sound systems for a sweet spot position, these qualities under a dynamic listening scenario (i.e. Read more

PATHS – Pedestrian Adaptive Trajectory Hypothesis System

This is a PhD project. Supervisors. Dr Kevin Meehan (ATU Donegal), Dr Paul Greaney (ATU Donegal), Dr Marion McAfee (ATU Sligo) and Professor Sandra Moffett (Ulster University). Read more

Moving together in time: the effects of coordinated movements on physical performance, social cognition and overall wellbeing

Our Social Cognition and Movement Rehabilitation Lab (SCMR) investigates various topics on the role of non˗verbal behaviours in everyday conversations, social-cognitive effects of interpersonal synchrony (two or more individuals moving together in time) and explores movement interventions (e.g. Read more

Ankle moment contribution in everyday tasks: effects of ageing

  Research Group: Medical Engineering
There is a fall on stairs every 90 seconds in the UK, and an estimated 250,000 non-fatal accidents which are serious enough to merit a trip to A&E. Read more

Facial emotion analysis to assess the engagement level and reduce video conferencing fatigue

  Research Group: Visual Computing
Faces are a source of rich information about individual identity, and also about mood and mental state, being accessible windows into the mechanisms governing our emotions. Read more

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