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  The nature of solar plumes and their link to the solar wind (Advert Reference: SF18/MPEE/MCLAUGHLIN)
  Prof J McLaughlin
Applications accepted all year round
The solar wind is the stream of charged particles emanating from the Sun. Highly inhomogeneous in nature, its outflow extends over the Earth and the limit of its influence defines the outer boundaries of the solar system.
  Does pheromone monitoring of rare moths increase connectivity to nature, scientific engagement and wellbeing in school pupils in urban and rural areas?
  Prof A Gange
Application Deadline: 15 February 2019
This project will form part of the RHUL schools and biodiversity project and centre around improving and monitoring an aspect of biodiversity whilst monitoring the connectivity to nature, wellbeing and science engagement of school children.
  Optimal Water Distribution Network Design with Nature Inspired Computing (NIC)
  Research Group: Institute for Infrastructure & Environment
  Dr R Rustum, Dr G B Wright
Application Deadline: 1 February 2019
The design and operation of water distribution networks is a complex process, and typically involves determining suitable pipe diameters to ensure sufficient flow rates and pressures throughout a system whilst minimising costs.
  DTC MATH 3 - Trusses - detailed study of properties and the nature of trusses with application to the Yang-Baxter equations
  Prof T Brzezinski
Applications accepted all year round
Applications of the Yang-Baxter equation range from the description of physical forces of the nature (quantum field theory, integrable Hamiltonian systems in particle and statistical physics), through classification of geometric and topological objects in mathematics (knot theory, group theory) to foundations of mathematics (braided monoidal categories).
  Learning from nature: biomimetic approach for a new generation of Advanced Armoured Composite Materials
  Dr F Pinto
Application Deadline: 30 April 2019
Over the last two decades, composite materials have changed the world of industry, reshaping several industrial sectors including aerospace, automotive and energy.
  (BBSRC DTP) Understanding Nature’s Photosynthetic Water Oxidation Reaction by Combining Molecular Modelling and Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
  Dr P O'Malley, Dr S Hay, Prof M W Anderson
Application Deadline: 31 January 2019
The project is within the bioenergy area with the aim of mimicking the ability of green plants to use solar energy to produce high energy fuels.
  An exploration of the changing nature of technology in accounting education: adapting curricula to enable relevant graduates (REF: SF18/AFM/BURDON2)
  Dr W M Burdon, Prof D Sloan
Applications accepted all year round
“The interaction of curriculum, technology, faculty incentives, and student motivation is complex and has not been studied in an organic way” (Apostolou et al.
  The nature of mycorrhizal symbioses
  Prof M Tibbett
Applications accepted all year round
This project will build on recent work highlighting the changing view of the nature of the relationship between plant and fungus in the (near) ubiquitous symbiosis.
  Basic and Applied Motivation science - the function and nature of human motivation
  Dr K Murayama
Applications accepted all year round
Applications are invited for a PhD student position on motivation science, a new emerging interdisciplinary area that examines the nature of human motivation.
  Ultra-intense laser-plasma interactions: Ion acceleration and relativistic optics and photonics
  Dr P McKenna
Applications accepted all year round
A fully-funded PhD studentship is available in high power laser-plasma physics, working within a vibrant team of experimentalists and theoreticians, to investigate relativistic plasma physics and laser-driven ion acceleration.
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