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  Quaternary and methylated amine cycle in coastal oceans: new genes, novel microbes and unexpected pathways
  Research Group: CENTA - Central England NERC Training Alliance
  Dr Y Chen, Dr K Purdy
Application Deadline: 1 May 2019
Project Highlights. New genes and novel microbes. Unexpected pathways. World-leading supervisory team on climate-change microbiology.
  Exploration of novel approaches to anti-cancer treatment: manipulation of mutant p53
  Prof Y. Haupt, Dr S. Haupt
Applications accepted all year round
P53 is the most mutated gene in human cancer, affecting about half the cases of human cancer. We have recently identified novel regulators of mutant p53 using sophisticated loss of function whole genome high through put screen (image 1).
  Development of biomarkers for the early detection of cancer by integrating novel ultra-rapid microfluidics
  Dr J Timms, Prof G Thomas
Application Deadline: 22 May 2019
Cancer is a major cause of mortality worldwide and a huge burden on society. It is clear that earlier diagnosis reduces cancer mortality and in turn, societal and economic burden.
  Cancer Research UK funded 4 year studentship: Development and implementation of computational systems biology approaches for the identification of novel therapeutic targets in follicular lymphoma
  Dr J Wang, Dr T Graham
Application Deadline: 25 May 2019
We are looking for a graduate with an interest in cancer genomics, evolution, bioinformatics and computational biology, with, or expecting, at least an…
  Novel micro/nano scale characterisation of interfaces in multimaterial additive manufacturing (3D printing).
  Prof R Hague, Prof C J Roberts
Application Deadline: 31 July 2019
In collaboration with Warwick and Birmingham Universities, as well as with the School of Pharmacy and Physics at the University of Nottingham, the Centre for Additive Manufacturing (CfAM) are exploring the new area of multi-material, multifunctional Additive Manufacturing through the recently awarded EPSRC Programme Grant.
  Statistical Genetics: Novel statistical method development for discovery and interpretation of genetic contribution to human cardiovascular and haematological traits
  Dr V Iotchkova
Application Deadline: 26 July 2019
Genetic and epidemiological research has generated a vast amount of data and expertise for evaluating the genetic contribution to human traits in health and disease.
  Understanding and Treating Metabolic Liver Disease: Understanding the causes of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease to identify new biomarkers of disease stage as well as trial novel treatments
  Prof J Tomlinson, Prof L Hodson
Application Deadline: 26 July 2019
Understanding the causes of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease to identify new biomarkers of disease stage as well as trial novel treatments.
  Functional analysis of novel genes important in the physiology and pathogenesis of the human pathogen Campylobacter jejuni
  Prof D J Kelly
Applications accepted all year round
Campylobacter jejuni and E. coli are the commonest cause of human bacterial gastroenteritis worldwide. Although pathogenic in humans, C.
  Chemo-enzymatic Synthesis and Potential Applications of Novel Heterocyclic Alkaloids
  Dr H Deng, Dr L Trembleau
Applications accepted all year round
Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is rising to dangerously high levels in all parts of the world. In Europe alone, drug-resistant bacteria are estimated to cause 25,000 deaths annually and cost more than US$1.5 billion every year in healthcare expenses and productivity losses.
  Investigating the efficacy of novel antimicrobial mixes on microorganisms, surfaces and cells lines; an integrated study
  Dr A Kelly, Dr S Schwikkard, Prof D Wertheim
Applications accepted all year round
The projection that within 50 years there will be more deaths from antimicrobial resistance than through cancer highlights the continual need for mining new and novel antimicrobials with activity against planktonic microbes and biofilms alike1.
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