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We have 77 number theory PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships



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We have 77 number theory PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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Groups, subgroups and boundedness

Group theory is the mathematical study of symmetry. Algebraic groups are certain groups of matrices with entries coming from a field such as the real… Read more

Postgraduate research degrees in mathematical sciences at the University of Bath

Postgraduate research degrees in mathematical sciences at the University of Bath. Find out about our PhD degrees, funding opportunities and how you can apply. Read more

Fully Funded PhD Studentships Available in Mathematics at King’s College London

The Department of Mathematics at King's College London invites applications for PhD students to start in October 2022. There are a number of fully funded studentships available for excellent candidates. Read more

Research opportunities in Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics at York offers a thriving research environment in which to study for a PhD or MPhil. We combine world-class mathematical and interdisciplinary research with high-quality teaching. Read more

Algebraic groups and Lie algebras

The University of Birmingham is well-known for its research into group theory, Lie theory and representation theory. The School of Mathematics has a vibrant and productive postgraduate environment that promotes research at the highest level. Read more

Model theory in positive logic (KIRBYJ_U23SF)

Model theory is traditionally done with “classical first-order logic”, the logic which allows unlimited use of the operators AND, OR, NOT, with the EXISTS and FOR ALL quantifiers. Read more

French PhD

About French PhD. Our department offers research strengths in all periods of French literature, modern French history and politics, Francophone literature and French thought. Read more

Film Studies PhD (option of joint PhD with Hong Kong University)

About Film Studies PhD. The Film Studies Department is one of the the leading centres for the study of cinema in London. We have internationally recognised research strengths in the following areas. Read more

Statistical inference for entropy, divergences and Rényi information

Entropy and divergence (Shannon and Kullback-Leibler) estimation is a central problem in image processing, with many applications for image compression, segmentation, calibration, registration, etc. Read more

Dynamics of Quantum Many-Body Systems

Applications are open for a PhD studentship in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics to work on the “Dynamics of Quantum Many-Body Systems” in the group of Dr Joe Bhaseen at King’s College London. Read more
Last chance to apply

Perverse schobers and the McKay correspondence

A perverse schober is a new mathematical object introduced in 2014 by Kapranov and Schechtman, generalising perverse sheaves and intersection homology. Read more

Research opportunities in the Department of Politics

The Department of Politics is at the heart of current thinking, research and debate, and home to a prestigious, lively and international community. Read more
Last chance to apply

Citizens co-production: theory, policy and practice

Reference. YCSBH-2022-001. Glasgow Caledonian University invite PhD proposals relating to the work of the. Community, Citizenship and Participation. Read more

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