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  Development of a new strategy for sustained release of ocular drugs based on patients and health professional’s acceptance
  Dr R Gil-Cazorla
Application Deadline: 16 December 2018
Main Supervisor. Dr Raquel Gil-Cazorla; Associate Supervisors. Dr Gurpreet Bhogal-Bhamra & Dr Shehzad A Naroo. Topical administration, mostly in form of eye drops, is employed to treat anterior and some posterior segment diseases.
  Developing novel drug delivery approaches to treat ocular disorders
  Prof V Khutoryanskiy
Applications accepted all year round
Ocular diseases affect the quality of life of millions of people worldwide. The leading causes of chronic blindness include cataract, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, corneal opacities, diabetic retinopathy, and trachoma.
  PhD Studentships of the Liverpool Ocular Oncology Group (LOORG)
 The Liverpool Ocular Oncology Group is led by Prof Sarah E. Coupland, Consultant Histopathologist at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital (RLUH) and also Director of the Cancer Research Centre @ University of Liverpool (UoL).
  Determination of hyper-elasticity, viscoelasticity and anisotropy of ocular tissue
  Prof A Elsheikh
Application Deadline: 8 August 2019
This position will remain open until a suitable candidate has been found.
  The effects of exercise on the ocular stress response to dry environments (RDF19/HLS/SER/PEART)
  Dr D Peart
Application Deadline: 25 January 2019
Unpublished pilot work from our group has identified that a single one hour exposure to a desiccating environment (. The successful applicant will contribute to shaping the direction of the project, and full training will be provided in all of the relevant methods of data collection.
  Ocular focusing under different instruction strategies.
  Dr A Horwood, Prof P Riddell
Applications accepted all year round
The Infant Vision Laboratory at the University of Reading researches how typical and atypical children and adults use the different visual cues provided by images of the world to drive two major aspects of eye focusing (accommodation and vergence).
  The interaction between genetics and environment in the development of rare tumours.
  Dr K Sisley
Application Deadline: 20 December 2018
We are an active research group investigating ocular tumours, and sarcomas, with an interest in Thyroid cancer. Both ocular tumours and sarcomas are rare compared to the more common cancers such as breast and colon, and represent an under researched area.
  Natural products as prophylaxis and treatment for gonococcal eye infections
  Dr L Snyder
Applications accepted all year round
Neisseria gonorrhoeae bacteria can infect the eyes of infants born to mothers infected with gonorrhoea, up to 80% of whom have no symptoms of their disease.
  Up to 100 PhD studentships
Northumbria University is a research-rich, business focused, professional university with a global reputation for academic excellence.
  MRC Precision Medicine DTP: Virtual biopsy with the Eye – using machine learning to detect and trackchronic kidney disease
  Research Group: Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences
  Dr T MacGillivray, Dr N Dhaun, Prof B Dhillon
Application Deadline: 7 January 2019
Industrial Partner. Optos. Background. CKD affects 6-11% of the world’s population [1]. Hypertension is an independent risk factor for CKD progression and is a frequent finding in patients with CKD.
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