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online learning PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 418 online learning PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

Continual Learning and Its Applications

Continual learning (often termed as lifelong learning) is the process through which a learning system efficiently learns multiple tasks in succession, which is an essential requirement for Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). Read more

PhD opportunities in Smart Technology Advancements for Health and Rehabilitation

Join this exciting and important research area and bridge the gap between clinical sciences, engineering and computing for sustainable developments in personal and community health needs. . Read more

Causal Machine Learning in Aerospace PhD

This PhD project will investigate the recent field of study of Causal Machine Learning, which aims to modify and augment Machine Learning by using Causal Analysis techniques as a way to solve its limitations. Read more

Semantic random-access technology for future wireless ecosystems

This PhD project will research into new technical innovations that can embrace today’s machine learning advances into a process of designing and managing wireless communications for emergent AI agents, where they will mimic human ability to effectively learn, fine-tune and adapt skills of conveying semantic information. Read more

Engineering Networked Machine Learning via Meta-Free Energy Minimisation

Inspired by neuroscience, informed by information-theoretic principles, and motivated by modern wireless systems architectures integrating artificial intelligence (AI) and communications, this project sets out to develop a paradigm-shifting framework for networked machine learning (ML) that is centred on the following ideas. Read more

Neural circuit changes underpinning olfactory learning

The School of Biomedical Sciences invites applications from prospective postgraduate researchers who wish to commence study for a PhD in neuroscience in the academic year 2023/24. Read more

PhD Scholarship in Machine Learning for Medical Images with Noisy Labels

Recent deep learning techniques provide unprecedented accuracy in most medical image analysis tasks (for instance, detecting pathology in medical scans), but they typically require large datasets annotated by medical experts. Read more

Controlled Synthesis of Virtual Patient Populations with Multimodal Representation Learning

This project invites PhD candidates who are interested in developing generative models that can deal with complex multimodal patient data, contributing to safer, better and faster innovations of medical products via in-silico trials. Read more

Transfer Learning for Engineering Systems

Applications are invited for a Ph.D. degree in the area of Transfer Learning and its optimal application in engineering systems for fault diagnosis and prognosis. Read more

Citizenship and Politics after a Deadly Pandemic

  Research Group: Social Work and Social Policy
In this project,  the focus is on post-pandemic subjectivities. We seek to specifically examine the meaning of dignity, citizenship, and politics in a ‘post-pandemic’ environment. Read more

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