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We have 291 organisation PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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Towards a unified understanding of species invasions along chemical stress gradients

Predicting how ecological systems respond to environmental change is hampered by their inherent complexity — processes operating at one scale of organisation lead to emergent properties at higher levels of organisation. Read more

EASTBIO: Cellular resolution molecular organisation of brain circuits for episodic memory

  Research Group: Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences
Deanery of Biomedical Sciences. Episodic memories rely on communication within complex neural circuits. The organisation of these circuits is an essential determinant of how they function. Read more

The synthetic littermate project: How do natural experiences shape the functional organisation of the developing brain?

How do natural experiences shape the functional organisation of the developing brain? To address this question directly, we have been developing a novel robotic technology - the synthetic littermate (or ’surrogate’). Read more

Self-organisation as a theory of brain development

Self-organisation is a general theory of how function is assigned to cortical microcircuits. The theory predicts that a balance between cooperative and competitive interactions in local cortical circuits, consolidated by Hebbian learning, results in similar inputs being represented by nearby neurons. Read more

Neural code for action organisation – linking neural oscillations to mental representations

The ability to organise one's body for action without having to think about it is taken for granted, whether it is tying your shoelaces, typing an email on a computer keyboard, or performing a new dance routine. Read more

Understanding by creating – minimal systems to reveal the underlying mechanisms governing the cell membrane shape and function

  Research Group: Midlands Integrative Biosciences Training Partnership (MIBTP)
The cell plasma membrane is essential for communication between the cell and its environment. It is here that crucial information processing takes place – including steps of signal detection, integration, amplification and transmission. Read more

Computer modelling the development of organisations in the high-tech entrepreneurship ecosystem

Technological firms are regarded as key for national and regional economic development. Today, more than ever before, the business environment is burgeoning with innovation; Even simply Googling for apps and services to help boost elementary office efficiency, returns over 2000 items. Read more

EASTBIO Engineering the genome of bacteriophage T5

  Research Group: Biomedical Sciences Research Centre
Bacteriophage T5 is a model E. coli-infecting lytic phage with a 121 kb linear double-stranded DNA genome that is arranged into pre-early, early and late transcription units, encoding in total around 160 proteins and 20-25 tRNAs. Read more

Eukaryotic cell polarity regulation and its regulation by stress

  Research Group: Institute of Cell Biology
Cell architecture and organisation depends on spatial cues and landmarks, which can be both internal and external. Upon stress, cell organisation often changes in a coordinated way, either to produce changes in cell shape or to provide homeostasis at the whole-cell level. Read more

Singapore Management University (SMU) Academic Research PhD Programmes

The SMU College of Graduate Research Studies (CGRS) provides a holistic and community-based experience in postgraduate research that is based on interdisciplinary programmes, courses, events, networking and cohort-building. Read more

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