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  Activation of targeted DNA Damage Response as a novel therapy for Ovarian Cancer
  Dr E. Sanij, Prof R. Pearson
Applications accepted all year round
High-grade serous ovarian cancer (HGSOC) is the most common and aggressive subtype of ovarian cancer and accounts for 70% of all ovarian cancer deaths.
  Dynamic changes in FANC protein expression in ovarian cancer– impact on chemosensitivity and resistance
  Research Group: Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre
  Dr S Langdon, Prof M Arends
Application Deadline: 21 April 2019
This 3-year PhD studentship funded by the Melville Trust is available to start in September 2019 at the Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre, which is part of the Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine (IGMM) at the University of Edinburgh.
  Therapy-induced senescence and stemness in ovarian cancer
  Prof R. Pearson, Dr K Chan
Applications accepted all year round
Cellular senescence is a stress response characterized by a robust cell cycle arrest and is a brake for malignant transformation.
  (MCRC Non-Clinical) Developing cellular micromotors to improve ovarian cancer management
  Dr C.K Schmidt, Prof R Edmondson, Prof D Brison, Prof S Taylor
Application Deadline: 24 March 2019
Conventional cancer chemotherapies are unspecific and elicit severe side effects. Yet, they remain the backbone of current therapies, illustrating the need for new and more specific approaches.
  Identification and functional characterisation of BRIT1/MCPH1 synthetic lethal genes to treat breast and ovarian cancer
  Dr S Bell, Prof C A Johnson
Applications accepted all year round
Women who have undergone surgery for breast and ovarian cancer often have additional chemotherapy to kill residual cancer cells and prevent recurrence.
  Characterize the role of Treacle (TCOF1) in AKT-regulated ribosome biogenesis
  Prof R. Pearson, Dr J Kang
Applications accepted all year round
Ribosomes are essential for cell growth and proliferation, and their biogenesis requires exquisite regulation.
  Inhibition of PRMT5 as a cancer therapy
  Dr K. Sheppard, Prof G. McArthur
Applications accepted all year round
Targeted therapy has had profound impact on outcomes for cancer patients.
  Parallels between wound healing and cancer – role of epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT)
  Research Group: Centre for Skin Sciences
  Dr M J Thornton, Prof A M Graham
Applications accepted all year round
Wound healing and cancer metastasis share common early signalling pathways that have led to the hypothesis that tumours are “wounds that do not heal”, a phrase first coined by Virchow in the 19th century.
  Impact of targeted therapy on the melanoma immune microenvironment
  Dr K. Sheppard, Prof G. McArthur
Applications accepted all year round
The treatment of melanoma is undergoing a fundamental change due to the success of both targeted therapies directed at the MAPK/ERK pathway and immunotherapies.
  Personalised risk evaluation in DCIS: are there molecular biomarkers that can predict which DCIS are at higher risk for recurrence?
  Dr K. Gorringe, Prof I. Campbell
Applications accepted all year round
Breast screening using mammography has seen an increased detection of not only invasive breast cancer, but also pre-invasive lesions such as ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS).
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