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oxford PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 63 oxford PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

Intelligent Earth - UKRI AI Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in AI for the Environment

The Intelligent Earth CDT brings together academics from key environmental science and AI departments across the University of Oxford with non-academic partners to train a new generation of PhD students to tackle some of the most pressing environmental issues using AI through five closely connected themes. Read more

Tackling ageing in the gut: investigating the contribution of macrophages in the intestinal stem cell niche to gut maintenance and repair

Ageing of the gut is an important contributor to multimorbidities of the elderly, including frailty, and mental decline. However, the specific cellular and molecular mechanisms driving gut degeneration with ageing and how these lead to specific clinical outcomes are still unclear. Read more

Vapour Deposited Perovskites for High Performance Multi-Junction Solar Cells

Metal-halide perovskite based solar cells have now achieved a light to electricity conversion efficiency of 26.1%, making them the leading emerging thin-film solar cell material. Read more

DPhil in Computer Science

The DPhil in Computer Science is an advanced research degree, awarded for significant (new) contribution to the existing body of knowledge in the field of computer science. Read more

Microfluidics with fluid walls for cancer and neuronal research

Project overview.  . The studentship is based in the Department of Engineering Science at the University of Oxford and the studentship time will be shared between engineering and biology labs. Read more

Combined geophysical datasets for characterising volcanic brines

Society’s race to net zero emissions of CO2 will invariably involve the use of subsurface reservoirs. Fluids injected and extracted from deep fracture systems beneath volcanoes provide a source of geothermal energy. Read more
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Physics-based Multi-scale Modelling of Multi-Material Additive Manufacturing

Project Details. Additive manufacturing (AM) is emerging as a promising alternative for designing multi-material parts for complex geometries in engineering applications; especially in the biomedical sector. Read more

AI Powered Personalized Virtual Heart Modelling

Supervisory Team: Dr Lei Li, Prof. Age Chapman. Project description. In this unique PhD project, we aim to develop advanced AI models for creating cardiac digital twins, i.e., virtual heart models. Read more

Electrochemically switchable materials down to the single molecule level

This project will study the electrochemical properties of materials down to the single molecule level and it will investigate how electrochemical (redox state) switching of the molecules can change useful materials properties. Read more

How observers could represent a 3D space

Currently, we have very little idea about how the human brain represents 3D space. This is a particularly difficult problem when you consider how much the retinal image changes as people move their head and eyes. Read more

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