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  Job and Task Scheduling and Resource Allocation on Parallel/Distributed machines
  Dr R Sakellariou
Applications accepted all year round
Scheduling parallel jobs onto machines is one of the most important problems to meet any performance objectives in parallel and distributed systems.
  Turbulent Plasma and Astrophysical Shocks in Solar-Terrestrial Physics
  Dr B Hnat
Application Deadline: 15 February 2019
Applications are invited from ambitious and self-motivated candidates to study turbulent plasma and its interaction with quasi-parallel shocks.
  Developing new theoretical and practical techniques for parallel runtime monitoring
  Dr G Reger
Applications accepted all year round
Runtime monitoring is a lightweight formal method used to check the correctness of software systems. The method deals with the runtime (or dynamic) behaviour of a system, usually by recording a sequence of events that happen when the system is run.
  Trading performance, energy and accuracy for computations on heterogeneous parallel hardware
  Mr G Riley
Applications accepted all year round
Ensuring applications execute efficiently on modern heterogeneous parallel computing systems raises severe challenges. Solutions appear to demand a co-design approach spanning algorithm designers and programmers as well as compiler and run-time system developers and hardware designers.
  Development of a parallel algorithm for the efficient compression of noisy electron cryo-microscopy micrographs of biological specimens
  Dr J Agirre, Dr K D Cowtan, Dr R Calinescu
Application Deadline: 9 January 2019
Imaging biological samples with an electron cryo-microscope (cryoEM) produces datasets that can be as much as 10 times bigger than an average desktop computer’s whole disk.
  Understanding parallel origins of industrial metal tolerance in Silene uniflora
  Dr A. Papadopulos
Application Deadline: 27 January 2019
Climate change, urbanisation and exploitation of natural resources increasingly alter the environment, posing significant challenges for plants and animals.
  Parallel processing by neurons in the thalamocortical pathway
  Dr R Petersen
Applications accepted all year round
Each of our brains contains more neurons than there are people on the planet. Everything that we experience or do involves large groups of neurons operating in concert.
  Computing beyond a million processors - bio-inspired massively parallel architectures.
  Dr J Garside, Prof S Furber, Dr D Lester
Applications accepted all year round
The SpiNNaker project aims to deliver a computing system that incorporates a million embedded ARM processors with the objective of supporting simulations of very large-scale systems of spiking neurons in real time.
  Modelling of physical phenomena in a software framework for Computational Fluid Dynamics Applications (MRes)
  Dr F Salvatore, Dr I Moulitsas
Applications accepted all year round
Applications are invited for a MRes position in the Centre for Computational Engineering Sciences, Cranfield University, in the field of scientific software development.
  Smart City Data Security, Gateways Efficient Routing and IP Capacity
  Dr S Yousef
Applications accepted all year round
Research Group. Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering Research Group.
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