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We have 97 pharmaceutical chemistry PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships



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pharmaceutical chemistry PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 97 pharmaceutical chemistry PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

Novel strategies for the diagnosis and treatment of snakebites

Snakebite envenomation (SBE), a high priority neglected tropical disease affects several million people worldwide resulting in as many as 150,000 deaths and around 500,000 permanent disabilities every year. Read more

PhD in Chemistry: Applications of main group Lewis acids in synthetic organic chemistry

Applications of main group Lewis acids in synthetic organic chemistry. This project will investigate the use of boron or aluminium Lewis acids in transformations typically catalysed by transition metals. Read more

PhD in Chemistry: Medicinal Chemistry of Nucleotide Analogues

Nucleoside analogues (NAs) are an important class of antiviral and anticancer agents commonly used in the therapy of many different viral infections and cancer conditions. Read more

Sciences Research Opportunities at the University of East Anglia

UEA is a top tier, research-led university committed to making a substantial impact on global challenges facing society for over 50 years. Read more

PhD Position in Fundamental and Applied Chemistry of PN Cages

Background. Our group explores geometrically interesting molecules for fundamental and functional chemistry. One area of focus is the development of scaffolds from which substituents can be reliably extended with well-defined bond angles and lengths. Read more

A machine learning enhanced digital twin toward sustainable pharmaceutical tablet manufacturing

The reduction of emission from pharmaceutical tablet manufacturing is urgent and challenging. Rapid identification and quantification of emission sources is an important milestone to set reduction targets and implement corresponding reduction measures. Read more

Mechanochemical Preparation of Biodegradable Pharmaceuticals

Twin-screw extrusion (TSE) has been demonstrated as an excellent means of industrialising mechanochemistry (instigation of a chemical reaction by mechanical energy, in the absence of solvents), overcoming the barriers involved in batch processing (such as ball milling) such as scalability and reaction temperature control. Read more

Mechanistic design of effective pharmaceutical cocrystal formulations

It is estimated that more than 70 percent of the compounds in the pharmaceutical pipeline can be poorly water-soluble. Since solid drug forms must dissolve before absorption can occur, strategies to improve drug solubility and dissolution are a continuous need. Read more

Synergistic Experimental and Data-driven Catalyst Development for Sustainable Synthesis

The Thomas Group in collaboration with GSK and Dr Ephrath Solel Moroshko are now recruiting a motivated PhD student to develop a new method for the discovery and application of sustainable catalysis. Read more

PhD Studentship in the atomistic dynamics of mechanochemical reactivity

Applications are sought for a fully funded 3.5-year PhD position in the group of Dr Adam Michalchuk in the School of Chemistry at the University of Birmingham to start Oct. Read more

New Drugs for Brain Tumours: A Locoregional Implant Brain Tumours

  Research Group: Medicines Development and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Next-generation temozolomide derivatives for the treatment of high-grade glioma have been developed at the University of Bradford. Read more
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Novel Sampling, Synthesis, and Capture of Organophosphate Nerve Agent Stimulants in Critical Environments

This project will explore new integrated approaches for enhanced security applications. Our aim is to develop a comprehensive study of organophosphate nerve agent stimulants and their potential degradants in critical environments. Read more

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