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We have 15 photochemistry PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships

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Making Light Work With Bacterial Nanowires (BUTT_U22DTPR)

Inspired by natural photosynthesis and addressing limitations of purely synthetic approaches, this PhD project aims to provide proof of principle for light-driven chemical synthesis through the design and assembly of novel inorganic:biological hybrid materials. Read more

Computational photochemistry/Vibrational control in transition metal complexes

Controlling the outcome of chemical reactions is arguably one of the holy grails of chemical physics. Recent experiments1 have shown that it is possible to direct a photophysical process using infrared light, taking a step towards achieving this goal. Read more

(BBSRC DTP CASE) Towards a photocatalytic carboxylase

Illumination is able to unlock a wide range of photochemical reactions, but light is rarely used by living organisms. In fact, to date only three light dependent enzymes have been described in detail. Read more

Ultrafast Photoelectron Spectroscopy as a sensitive probe for molecular structure and dynamics

Supervisory Team. Dr Russell Minns, Dr Maria Krikunova (External, ELI Beamlines). Project description. Photochemistry involves the coupled motion of atoms and electrons on ultrafast timescales. Read more

Bioinspired materials: strong and self-healing polymer materials

Biomaterials, for example bone and skin have a remarkable capacity to self-heal. These natural materials are hydrogels, however synthetic hydrogels cannot perform the same task as they are inherently weak and not usually self-healing. Read more

3D printed electronics

A 3D printer has been developed by the group that combines unprecedented three-dimensional control and material flexibility, to culminate in a new process for 2D patterning and 3D printing of polymeric, organic, semiconducting, or metallic materials into complex shapes. Read more

Towards Understanding of the Photodegradation Pathways in Lignins

Lignins are amongst the most abundant biopolymers on Earth, and are key components of the cell walls of many vascular plants. However, our fundamental knowledge of the photochemistry of the molecular building blocks that make up lignins (i.e. Read more

Photochemical synthesis of new drug-like scaffolds

Our laboratory is interested in the application of enabling technologies, such as continuous flow[1] and photochemistry,[2] for the synthesis of useful functional molecules such as drugs, agrochemicals and materials. Read more

NERC Panorama Doctoral Training Partnership - Atmospheric chemistry of multi-functional compounds

  Research Group: School of Chemistry
The atmospheric photochemistry of hydrocarbons plays important roles in issues such as photochemical smog formation (with links to air quality and health) and to aerosol formation (with links to air quality, health and climate). Read more

Modelling the effect of the electric double layer on electron transfer kinetics

Electron transfer between molecules in solution and a surface (e.g., a metallic electrode or semiconducting substrate) occurs in a wide variety of important areas, including catalysis, corrosion, electrodeposition, photochemistry, etc. Read more
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