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  Why does C4 photosynthesis rarely evolve in trees?
  Dr M Lundgren
Application Deadline: 27 January 2019
C4 photosynthesis is an ultra-efficient mode plant physiology that is used by our most productive food and bioenergy crops, including maize, sugarcane, and miscanthus.
  Optimising reproductive organ photosynthesis to improve seed oil content
  Dr D O'Maoileidigh
Application Deadline: 11 January 2019
Increasing crop yields while decreasing environmental impacts of agriculture is one of the major challenges facing modern society.
  Investigating Photosynthesis in Nannochloropsis – An Important Algal Genus for Biofuel Production
  Dr D J Gilmour
Applications accepted all year round
One of the key insights from phylogenetic studies of eukaryotic microorganisms is the enormous diversity within the microalgal group with green algae being similar to plants and other groups such as diatoms being very different.
  Shedding light on ocean photosynthesis
  Dr A Hickman, Dr S Sathyendranath, Dr T Bibby
Application Deadline: 4 January 2019
Project Rationale. The ocean contains millions of single celled plants called phytoplankton that form the base of the marine food web.
  Engineering The Rice Leaf for Improved Photosynthesis
  Prof A Fleming
Applications accepted all year round
Improving photosynthetic efficiency has been identified as one of the few remaining traits for exploitation if we are to achieve the significant increases in crop yield required to feed the projected 9 billion world population by 2050.
  Bioengineering of bacterial CO2-concentrating system for improved photosynthesis
  Dr LN Liu
Application Deadline: 11 January 2019
With the rapid growth of the global population, the demand for food is steadily increasing. However, advancement in crop yields by traditional breeding has reached its limits.
  Designing better Rubisco for crops: Predicting effects of amino acid substitutions on Rubisco kinetics using machine learning
  Dr M Kapralov
Application Deadline: 11 January 2019
The rapid growth of human population commands to increase crop yields by 50 - 70 % by 2050 in order to feed the predicted 9 - 10 billion people.
  Improving photosynthetic efficiency - engineering and evolution of light-harvesting complexes
  Dr D Canniffe
Application Deadline: 11 January 2019
Photosynthesis is the ultimate source of food and energy for almost all forms of life. Using sunlight as the energy input, photosynthesis removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere generating the oxygen and carbohydrate that support complex life.
  Toward Artificial Photosynthesis: understanding how porphyrin’s structure and environment influence the early electronic and nuclear dynamics
  Dr A Chauvet
Applications accepted all year round
The Sun represents an unlimited source of energy that can be harvested and ultimately converted to electricity. Solar energy is therefore the solution to not only depart from fossil fuels, but also to respond to the ever-increasing energy needs of our society.
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