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Art History 50th - Anniversary PhD Scholarship

Award and Eligibility. The Art History department at the University of Aberdeen is pleased to offer a PhD Scholarship as part of its foundation date celebrations. Read more

Innovative Analysis of Large River Topography and Dynamics

 Project Background . Fluvial system sustainability is vital for a half billion riparian residents of global river floodplains and deltas, and it requires knowledge and understanding of the land surface changes through time in response to anthropogenic and climatic forcing. Read more

PhD studentships available at the University of Aberdeen Business School

The University of Aberdeen Business School is delighted to be able to offer an exciting range of PhD studentship opportunities. We are currently accepting applications for three PhD studentships;. Read more

Droplet Impacts with Functional Surfaces

Droplet interactions with functional surfaces play a crucial role in many important physical processes, from preventing virus laden droplets passing through face masks to reducing the build-up of ice on the surfaces of flying aircraft. Read more

School of Education - University of Aberdeen

Why research at Aberdeen?. We’re Flexible. Our research degrees are offered on a full or part time basis and delivered on campus or via distance or blended learning, so you can find a route that works best for you. Read more

Minimising the impact of epidemics on health, society and economy

Infectious diseases are responsible for more deaths in human history than all wars together. There are many examples of large epidemics in history such as the Black Death in the middle ages or the 1918 influenza pandemic. Read more

Discovering the fundaments about why neural networks are so smart

Intelligence is one of the pillars that allows some animals to live so complex lives. Scientific approaches recently proposed have been capable of simulating networked systems that reproduce similar emergent manifestations of behavior as those observed in the brain. Read more

Algebraic Methods in Musical Composition

Algebraic operations have been used as compositional tools for centuries. For example, the group theoretical operation of translation on the integers can be identified with the musical operation of transposition. Read more

Groups, subgroups and boundedness

Group theory is the mathematical study of symmetry. Algebraic groups are certain groups of matrices with entries coming from a field such as the real… Read more

Homotopy representations of p-local groups

The theory of p-local groups was introduced and developed by Broto-Levi-Oliver. These are algebraic objects that encode and generalise topological aspects that can be associated to a discrete group from a p-local point of view. Read more

Invariant geometry of groups

The project is concerned with geometric group theory and, in particular, with biinvariant metrics on groups. Depending on the applicant interests or abilities it can be more topological, geometric or algebraic. Read more

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