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  Computer simulations DaisyWord and Gaia: A study on the impact of phenotypic plasticity and gene expression under global warming scenarios (VOOSTERHOUTCU19SF)
  Prof C Van Oosterhout
Application Deadline: 31 May 2019
The Gaia hypothesis (Lovelock & Margulis 1974) proposes that organisms have a significant effect on the physical and chemical environment on Earth, and that feedback loops between organisms and the environment have evolved that stabilize the environment.
  Establishing influence of light fields and photophysiology parameterization on the performance of coupled physical ecosystem models of quantity and timing of primary production in the Barents Sea
  Dr D McKee
Application Deadline: 31 March 2019
Arctic seas are warming faster than any other part of the global ocean with rapid changes in ice cover fundamentally altering coupling between physical, chemical and biological processes.
  Effect of oxidative stress on the biochemistry of dimethylsulfoniopropionate (DMSP)-lyase enzymes in tropical reef organisms - to start October 2019 - for an MSc by Dissertation (MSD
  Dr M Steinke, Dr M Hough, Dr J Worrall
Application Deadline: 24 April 2019
Rationale. Tropical coral reefs are a substantial source of the climate-cooling gas dimethyl sulfide (DMS). The major precursor of DMS is the secondary metabolite dimethylsulfoniopropionate (DMSP) that is biosynthesised to high concentrations in symbiotic dinoflagellates of the tropical genus Symbiodinium [1].
  BBSRC-iCase project: Application of Molecular Tools to Update aquatic Ecotoxicology Monitoring
  Dr K Gough, Dr T Dottorini, Dr R Emes
Application Deadline: 4 April 2019
Metabarcoding, using the latest deep sequencing technology, is revolutionising how we assess biological communities. This inter-disciplinary studentship project aims to develop a completely novel application of this technology.
  Global warming, plankton functional diversity, and the biological ocean pump
  Dr B Chen, Dr N Banas
Applications accepted all year round
We all know that global warming is a serious issue for the future of humankind and is intimately related with anthropogenic CO2 emissions.
  Biophysics of light-induced motility in microalgae
  Dr M Polin
Applications accepted all year round
At a glance. The project focusses on the mechanisms by which motile microalgae (prominent e.g. within phytoplankton) sense, elaborate and respond to light.
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