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We have 41 plant disease PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships

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  China Scholarship Council PhD Programme: Molecular characterisation of plant disease resistance genes through novel Next-Generation Sequencing applications
  Dr I Hein
Application Deadline: 14 January 2019
This PhD project will provide comprehensive training for the successful candidate in potato genetics (diploid and tetraploid) as well as plant-pathogen genomics/co-evolution.
  Modelling the mechanisms of olive die back caused by Xylella fastidiosa biofilms
  Prof T. Roose, Dr S White
Application Deadline: 4 January 2019
Project Rationale. Plant health is crucially important for food production and the preservation of biodiversity.
  A Few Bad Potatoes: Modelling Economic Aspects of Disease Control in Seed Potatoes
  Prof I Toth, Prof A Kleczkowski, Dr S Humphris
Application Deadline: 4 January 2019
Background. Production and export of seed potatoes is of immense value to the UK economy, yet threatened by multiple disease threats.
  Disease phenomics - quantifying the development of disease symptoms in infected plants
  Dr S A Rolfe
Applications accepted all year round
Biology is undergoing a revolution as ‘omic technologies allow us to make hundreds or thousands of measurements on large populations of plants.
  Modelling plant trade networks and their response to plant diseases
  Prof A Kleczkowski
Applications accepted all year round
The dispersal of plant diseases is among the most important side effects of a closely integrated global economy. There are many examples of plant diseases that were introduced to the UK and other countries by trade, including Phytophthora ramorum, Dutch elm disease and ash dieback.
  Iron Homeostasis in Bacterial Plant Colonization and Disease
  Dr A Holmes, Dr N Holden, Prof S C Andrews
Application Deadline: 4 January 2019
Iron is an essential nutrient in all orders of life. Since uptake is hampered by insolubility, plants and bacteria have evolved mechanisms for active sequestration, through the secretion of chelators called siderophores, and uptake via transport mechanisms.
  Gene editing and molecular breeding for fungal disease resistance in lettuce
  Prof K Denby, Dr F Gawthrop, Dr John Clarkson
Application Deadline: 7 January 2019
This studentship offers an innovative opportunity to combine state-of-the-art molecular skills (footprint-free gene editing, RNA sequencing, genomics) with genetics, plant pathology, crop, model plant, lab and field work.
  Understanding Xylella fastidiosa, a globally challenging plant pathogen - studies in pathogenicity and population genomics
  Prof R W Jackson
Applications accepted all year round
This is an exciting PhD opportunity working with the University of Reading. It will focus on applying advanced sequencing technologies and population genomics to understand a globally challenging plant pathogen that currently threatens worldwide horticulture.
  Impact of increasing environmental CO2 on plant immunity
  Research Group: BBSRC MIBTP
  Dr E Luna-Diez, Dr G Kettles
Application Deadline: 6 January 2019
Global climate change, including anthropogenic activity, has raised atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) level significantly (~40%) from the pre-industrial era.
  Molecular mechanisms that control plant growth plasticity
  Research Group: Institute of Molecular Plant Sciences
  Prof K Halliday, Dr R Grima
Application Deadline: 13 December 2018
Plants are inherently plastic organisms. Their general body plan is genetically encoded, but plant architecture can be modified to adjust to the environment that surrounds it.
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