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play PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 303 play PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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Digital Play

Deakin University – School of Education - Research for Educational Impact (REDI). We are currently seeking expressions of interest to undertake research at the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for the Digital Child, based at the Centre’s Deakin University node. Read more

Interactive food

PhD opening. interactive food. PhD opening on interactive food (HCI, Interaction Design). in the Exertion Games Lab, Melbourne, Australia. Read more

Research opportunities in the School of Health and Community Studies

The School hosts a wide-range of doctoral and research students - including full-time students and part-time students, who are often studying alongside their professional role. Read more

The diversity and inclusion implications of global digital platforms (RDF23/EIS/WHALLEY)

In today’s digital enabled economy, technology companies play a key role. Through the provision of services and technologies that have enabled innovative products and services to emerge that have been widely adopted. Read more

Exploring Causal Complexity in International Relations

In recent decades, a rich and sophisticated literature has emerged, in International Relations and in the broader social sciences, demonstrating how a range of methods can be used to derive reasonably secure causal inferences. Rather less attention has been paid to the fact that, in the world around us, causal relations often fail to play out in a uniform fashion. Read more

Characterising mechanisms of mononuclear phagocyte recruitment to the lung and their localisation specific function in respiratory viral infection.

  Research Group: Edinburgh Infectious Diseases
Project offered for Ker Memorial PhD Studentship in Infectious Diseases. Despite upcoming modern vaccine technologies, respiratory viral infections will remain a key healthcare burden for many years, requiring the development of prophylactic interventions for high-risk individuals and therapies. Read more
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Data-intensive Technologies in Corporate Human Rights Due Diligence: Current Regulatory Challenges and Future Prospects

In the past few years, data-intensive technologies have come to play a critical role in corporate strategy and decision-making processes, such as customer insight and marketing, recruitment, risk management and predictive analytics. Read more

Membrane protein efflux pump dynamics in biofilm formation and multidrug resistance

Membrane protein efflux pumps can expel a broad range of toxic substances out of bacteria which significantly contributes to multidrug resistance against functionally diverse antimicrobial drugs and biofilm formation. Read more

Adaptive simulation within a bio-inspired design system (RIED)

To meet emerging sustainability and product performance goals, engineers need revolutionary design tools. The “Re-imagining Engineering Design” (RIED) Programme sets out to explore a radical new engineering design system using bio-inspired methodologies. Read more

Powering the next generation of superconducting devices

Background. Superconductivity has the potential to revolutionise the modern world1. From space-based magnetoplasmadynamic thrusters2, fusion energy reactors3 and highly efficient motors4, superconductors can drive real change. Read more

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