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We have 12 polar PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships



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polar PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 12 polar PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

Resilient AI Systems for Polar Glacier Monitoring

AI has become a valuable asset in day-to-day life. It has also become an invaluable part of any research. It is often associated and combined within autonomous systems for monitoring environmental changes. Read more

Nanomaterials as White Light Emitters for Low Cost Lighting

  Research Group: Chemistry and Biosciences
White-light emission (WLE) from semiconductor nanostructures is presently a research area of intense interest especially where the primary objective is to replace conventional light sources by environmentally friendly materials in order to minimize energy costs and therefore the global energy consumption for lighting. Read more

PhD studentship in uncovering the universal physics in soft and living matter

The Universality in Biology group at Imperial College London is offering a fully funded PhD studentship to home students in the field of theoretical biophysics, under the supervision of Dr Chiu Fan Lee. Read more

Measuring and monitoring the safety of care in the home

  Research Group: Medicines Optimisation
Do you want to address an important research question to inform healthcare policy practice?. Do you want to do cutting-edge research and develop a career in health services or patient safety research?. Read more

Development of a Wireless Sensor for Measuring Water Storage in Glaciers

PROJECT OVERVIEW. An exciting opportunity to develop a new instrument to study water storage in glaciers. You should have either a background in engineering or environmental science, but with a keen enthusiasm to design, build and field-test an instrument that will need to work in a harsh environment.  . Read more

Space/Astrophysical plasma and space weather

 The Astronomy Unit at the Queen Mary University of London is offering a PhD scholarship (3 years) for a UK home student on the topic of Machine Learning for Space Plasma and Space Weather. Read more

Modelling bubble-particle interactions for solids separation

Bubble-particle systems are encountered in a wide range of industrial and environmental applications (flotation, bioreactors, slurry bubble columns) but the complex dynamics and interactions make the design and operation of such systems particularly challenging. Read more

Studying Glacier Hydrology using new Wireless Instruments

PROJECT BACKGROUND. Are you keen to pursue a research career in glaciology? We have a rare opportunity for a fully-funded studentship with flexibility to define your own research project. Read more

Understanding gene regulation by HDAC1 complexes in development and cancer

Packaging DNA into nucleosomes helps protect the long fragile genomes of eukaryotic species. However, in doing so it becomes an ever-present physical barrier to the machinery required for its replication, repair and transcription. Read more

Amine solvent degradation in CO2 capture

CO2 capture and storage is believed to be a promising option for controlling CO2 emissions in the short to medium term. Several methods exist for CO2 capture, with amine capture being the most promising commercial technology at the present time. Read more
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