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  NERC Panorama Doctoral Training Partnership - Mean field methods for stochastic population dynamics
  Dr E Issoglio
Application Deadline: 7 January 2019
Population dynamics are widely studied by using both deterministic and stochastic models that aim to describe interactions between large heterogeneous groups of individuals.
  Modelling population dynamics from detection survey data
  Research Group: Centre for Research into Ecological and Environmental Modelling
  Prof L Thomas, Dr R Glennie
Applications accepted all year round
Ecologists collect data on wild animal populations by a variety of survey methods and infer from these how the population changes over time through recruitment, survival, and movement processes.
  NERC Panorama Doctoral Training Partnership - The role of life histories and population age structure in the invasion success of alien freshwater fish
  Dr I Capellini
Application Deadline: 7 January 2019
Alien species, those introduced outside their native range, can cause huge ecological and economic damage. With increasing global trade, the number of new alien species is growing rapidly, and identifying which ones will be future invaders is an urgent global challenge.
  Modelling stem cell population dynamics: from cell interaction networks to tissue regeneration
  Research Group: MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine
  Dr L Schumacher
Application Deadline: 10 December 2018
Tissue regeneration is an emergent phenomenon at the scale of cell populations.
  Modelling Biodiversity and Pattern Formation with Evolutionary Games
  Dr M Moblia
Applications accepted all year round
Understanding the maintenance of biodiversity and the emergence of cooperation are important topics in the Life and Behavioural Sciences.
  Climatic volatility and its impacts on populations and ecosystems
  Dr J Godbold, Dr T Ezard
Application Deadline: 4 January 2019
Project Rationale. Within its projected warmest autumn on record, Sydney experienced its coldest morning in over 20 years during May 2016.
  Accelerating robust population monitoring and evaluation with drones
  Dr D Childs, Prof R Freckleton, Dr R Salguero-Gómez
Application Deadline: 9 January 2019
A core goal of ecology is to understand the causes and consequences of variation in organisms’ abundance at both local and landscape scales.
  Spatial predator-prey dynamics in the landscape of fear
  Dr J Potts
Application Deadline: 31 December 2018
The mathematical study of predator-prey dynamics is one of the oldest subjects in mathematical biology. In a spatial setting, understanding predator-prey interactions is important for a variety of ecological issues, such as maintaining biodiversity and establishing sound conservation principles.
  The long arm of parents: non-genetic effects on fitness, population viability and adaptive evolution (MAKLAKOVUBIO19ARIES)
  Dr A Maklakov, Dr S Immler, Prof T Chapman
Application Deadline: 8 January 2019
Scientific background. Recent discoveries showed that parental environment affects offspring performance for many generations.
  Fully-funded ARIES PhD studentship - Modelling butterfly abundance at varying spatial scales to inform conservation delivery
  Dr R McCrea
Application Deadline: 8 January 2019
A key feature of statistical models applied to butterflies involves accounting for seasonal variation in counts, as butterflies emerge throughout the year via one or more broods.
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