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We have 25 poverty PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships



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poverty PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 25 poverty PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

Tackling Women’s homelessness in Scotland: Discourses of gender, poverty, and social policy (UWS0032)

The aim of this project is to examine the points at which women who are experiencing significant housing need come into contact with housing professionals and/or support services, and to explore how these interpersonal interactions can best support women to navigate complex systems and help them secure the best possible housing outcomes. Read more

ACS-02-Ward - Application of Machine Learning, Data-Science and Digital Twins in Aerospace Manufacturing

Digital twins have emerged as a new technology offering the potential to revolutionise the aerospace industry. These virtual replicas of physical assets hold the key to optimising high-value manufacturing processes, such as manufacturing jet engine turbine blades. Read more

3-year PhD studentship on “Innovation and Policy Acceleration” at SPRU, University of Sussex Business School (2024)

This 3-year PhD studentship on “Innovation and Policy Acceleration” will explore the potential for using technical innovation, finance, policy change, or even social change to accelerate progress towards tacking pressing social problems such as climate change, energy insecurity, poverty, healthcare, or industrial manufacturing (among others). Read more

Payments for cold weather and wellbeing

  Research Group: School of Management
The UK Government provides a “Cold Weather Payment” to people receiving certain benefits. The payment is triggered whenever the temperature in the person’s home location falls below zero degrees Celsius (or is forecast to be below zero) for seven consecutive days. Read more

Suicide and Domestic Abuse

Recent research has recognized domestic abuse as a significant risk factor for suicide. However, the intricate relationship between gender, domestic abuse, and suicidality still lacks comprehensive understanding (Agenda Alliance, 2023). Read more

Suicide and Homelessness

Individuals without stable housing face numerous challenges, including poverty, addiction, and high rates of trauma, making them highly vulnerable in society. Read more

An examination of the role of digitalisation in credit unions in Ireland.

  Research Group: Business and Management Studies
Advances in financial technology (Fintech) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have resulted in a range of products designed to improve financial services to customers. Research has and is examining the impact of this innovation on for-profit financial institutions and their stakeholders. Read more

Reverse Logistics and Inclusive growth in circular economy, are we ready yet? (Ref: RDF24/BL/MOS/MA)

Although most of the research on logistics and supply chain management has focused on forward logistics (e.g., Ma et al., 2022), the area of reverse logistics (RL), which involves the supply chain process of moving products from end customers to retain/recapture value for circular economy, is gaining increasing attention and importance (Govindan and Solemani, 2017). Read more

Sustainable food supply chains in Latin America – the case of emergent food commodities (Ref: RDF24/BL/LHRM/PRADO)

Food production and consumption are at the root of some of the world’s most intractable problems, including poverty, malnutrition, human rights issues, and other social and environmental challenges related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (Crenna, Sinkko & Sala, 2019; FAO, 2018). Read more

SCENARIO: Climate variability and societal responses in Pre-Columbian South America

  Research Group: SCENARIO NERC DTP
Global warming is causing significant changes in rainfall, water availability, and agricultural productivity across tropical South America, increasing poverty and leading to migration out of rural areas. Read more

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