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power PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 510 power PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

Development of a Real-Time Pricing Mechanism for the Integration of Active and Reactive Power Transactions in Deregulated Power Systems to Enhance Ancillary Services

The modern power system is undergoing a transformation towards a smart and competitive grid, where various stakeholders, including generating companies, power retailers, and strategically responsive consumers, actively participate in its daily operations. Read more

High Power Density Converter Topologies for Pulsed Power Applications

This project is to contribute to a major Ministry of Defence (MOD) research programme intended to develop generation-after-next technologies for applications in defence and security, and will be co-funded by Ultra Maritime. Read more

Context-Aware Wireless Power Transfer Scheduling for Vehicular Edge Computing

Vehicle Edge Computing (VEC) is a promising paradigm that exposes Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) to road scenarios. VEC and wireless power transfer (WPT) are regarded as promising technologies that have attracted significant attention in many areas. Read more

Advanced control of inverter-based resources to realize stable smart grids

Summary. The smart grid concept is paving the way towards efficient, reliable, and sustainable power systems. Inverter-based resources are among the most crucial components of the smart grid, interfacing renewable energy sources, storage devices, and electronic loads. Read more

Innovations in Waste Energy Minimisation from Maritime Engineering Power and Propulsion Systems

Supervisory Team.   Prof Alan J Murphy & Prof Dominic Hudson. Project description. Although maritime transport is one of the most energy efficient, the cumulative carbon footprint from global shipping is equivalent a large industrialised nation (~3% of global total). Read more

Feasibility of Space-based Solar Power for Terrestrial use

Space based solar power has been a theoretical concept for over 50 years, but recently there has been a new wave of research due to declining cost for both solar technology and space launches. Read more

Delivering Sustainable Energy Solutions to Ports

Ports are major sources of greenhouse gas emissions as they commonly move up to 10,000 containers a day from ship to road or rail transport and correspondingly in the reverse direction from land transport onto ships. Read more

High-power Fibre Lasers for Visible Wavelengths

Supervisory Team: Prof Jayanta Sahu and Prof Johan Nilsson. Project description. Visible lasers are indispensable for applications such as display, underwater communication, microscopy, bio-photonics, optical storage, and materials processing. Read more

Understanding and Controlling Beam Losses in High-Power X-ray Free-Electron Lasers

Light sources based on electron accelerators have long been of crucial importance for scientific and engineering research in fields ranging from medicine and life sciences to the properties and structure of materials. Read more

Future electrical power generation system integration and control

With the projected increase in the contributions from renewable energy to the power generation mix in the foreseeable future, a new control strategy of power generation and supply need to be investigated to mitigate the impact of the uncertainties of renewable power sources. Read more

Microwave Long Range Wireless Power Transfer System

Wireless sensor network (WSN) is a cutting-edge technology with applications in every corner, ranging from space exploration, process/production, environment monitoring to healthcare inspection and disease diagnosis, and essentially forms the core of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Read more

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