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printing PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 75 printing PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

3D printing of nanocomposite drug delivery platforms

Hydrogel-based three-dimensional (3D) printing has garnered significant interest in various biomedical fields like tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, and personalized medicine. Read more

Soft Flexible and Stretchable Energy Storage Device Development

Hybrid energy storage offers multiple advantages in electrochemical energy storage especially for portable electronic gadgets and autonomous systems due to its high energy and power density. Read more

Microstructure-flow interplay in 3D printing: linking structure, rheology and printability of bespoke and commercial formulations

A PhD studentship is open as part of a 4 year £1.6M UKRI Future Research Leaders Fellowship - Smart formulations for manufacturing of functional three-dimensional hierarchical structures (£1.6m), which Dr García-Tuñón holds. Read more

Towards 3D-printing of self-assembled insect-mimetic acoustic structures

Overview. We are seeking excellent candidates for 4-yr PhD and 5-yr masters+PhD scholarships to pursue an exciting interdisciplinary project that will pioneer novel materials enabled by self-assembly and 3D printing with multiple length-scales of complexity to better mimic the functional structures of insect hearing. Read more

Reactive inkjet printing

Metal organic frameworks (MOFs) have recently been printed using reactive inkjet printing. This PhD builds on that work aiming to expand the range of MOFs that can be printed and uncovering the advantages of using reactive inkjet printing as the production means. Read more

3D printing spinal cords

Project Overview. This project offers an exciting opportunity to use hydrogels and 3D printing to engineer a segment of the spinal cord, which could be further developed into a transplant for patients with spinal cord injury (SCI). Read more


According to WHO, cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide, with nearly 1 in 6 deaths been due to cancer. The principal modes of cancer management are surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and pharmaceutical agents. Read more

Reactive inkjet printing - silk porous structures for catalysis?

Silk stirrers and silk ‘rockets’ have been produced using reactive inkjet printing. The purpose of this PhD topic is to investigate the degree of porosity that the silk structures contain. Read more

Predicting the inkjet printing performance of particle-containing inks

There has been a lot of research performed into predicting of the jetting performance of inks for inkjet printing. However, to date, the ‘inks’ used have been simple solvents. Read more

Advancements in Additive Manufacturing for Sustainable Materials

In this research project, we aim to explore the intersection of additive manufacturing (AM) and sustainability, offering an exciting opportunity for individuals passionate about shaping the future of manufacturing. Read more

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