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  Protein engineering enzymes for Industry.
  Prof K A Watson
Applications accepted all year round
We are interested in key features of protein sequence - structure - function relationship, and how this information can be translated to health.
  Engineering Enzymes for the Preparation of Pharmaceutical Amines
  Prof G J Grogan
Application Deadline: 15 April 2019
Chiral Amines are found in a large proportion of currently administered small molecule drugs.
  A bioinformatics approach to understanding protein solubility tags
  Dr J Warwicker, Dr R Curtis
Applications accepted all year round
The crowded environment of a cell cytoplasm reveals that proteins and other biological molecules co-exist at high macromolecular concentrations.
  EPSRC CDT in Bioprocess Engineering Leadership: Complex Biological Products Manufacture
Biological products and their manufacture are progressing to unparalleled levels of complexity. Examples include engineered biocatalysts, antibody-drug conjugates, multivalent vaccines and cellular therapies.
  Increasing the potency of biomaterials for tissue growth
  Dr C Spicer, Dr D Lagos
Application Deadline: 1 May 2019
Materials that can trigger the regrowth and repair of damaged biological tissue have the potential to revolutionise how we treat disease.
  Engineering Cupriavidus Necator H16 to Convert CO2/Waste Stream into Useful Chemicals Using a Synthetic Biology Approach
  Dr TS Wong, Dr K Tee
Applications accepted all year round
This project falls under the umbrella of carbon capture and utilization (CCU), i.e., to turn a greenhouse gas CO2 into a useful feedstock for chemical syntheses.
  Enzyme Engineering for Industrial Biocatalysis
  Dr TS Wong, Dr K Tee
Applications accepted all year round
Fossil fuels have long been the primary energy and carbon sources, providing the raw materials needed for the manufacture of a wide range of products that we use daily.
  MRC DTP 4 Year PhD Programme: Prediction of protein-protein interaction sites from population genetics data
  Prof G J Barton, Dr A Pisliakov
Application Deadline: 19 April 2019
This project is part of our exciting and challenging University of Dundee 4-year MRC DTP Programme in Quantitative and Interdisciplinary approaches to biomedical science.
  Genome Editing: Engineering CRISPR-Cas Enzymes to Improve Genetic Replacement in Human and Bacterial Cells
  Dr E Bolt
Applications accepted all year round
Second Supervisor. Prof. Ronald Chalmers. This PhD research project is aimed at individuals who are keen to learn about the biology and biotechnology of CRISPR systems, and who are interested to investigate protein engineering of Cas1, Cas3 and Cas9 enzymes.
  Protein Crystals and Pharmaceutical Processes: A Fluid-dynamic Approach to Macromolecular Crystal Engineering
  Dr M Lappa
Applications accepted all year round
The relevance of self-organization, pattern formation and non-equilibrium behaviour in a wide range of problems, related to macromolecular crystal engineering and typical pharmaceutical processes for the production of drugs and medicines, calls for a concerted approach using the tools of statistical physics.
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