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  Optimisation of gene expression routes for heterologous protein expression in CHO cells
  Dr P Mitchell
Applications accepted all year round
CHO cells are commonly used as a vehicle for the production of heterologous proteins in the biopharmaceutical industry. We are currently using gene knock down and knock in approaches to increase the expression level of target recombinant proteins for potential use in industrial scale applications.
  Dynamic changes in FANC protein expression in ovarian cancer– impact on chemosensitivity and resistance
  Research Group: Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre
  Dr S Langdon, Prof M Arends
Application Deadline: 21 April 2019
This 3-year PhD studentship funded by the Melville Trust is available to start in September 2019 at the Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre, which is part of the Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine (IGMM) at the University of Edinburgh.
  Validation of novel biomarkers for improved risk stratification and therapy for the paediatric cancer neuroblastoma
  Dr V See, Dr A Herrmann
Application Deadline: 15 April 2019
Neuroblastoma is the second most common cancer in childhood but still has one of the lowest survival rates of all childhood malignancies.
  Insights into Transcription/Translation in Prostate Cancer through analyses of novel data sets
  Prof A Lynch
Applications accepted all year round
Approximately one in eight men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer (PCa) in his life, while a substantially higher proportion of men would show evidence of PCa under histopathological examination.
  Fully-funded PhD Studentship in High throughput technologies for the efficient downstream processing of recombinant proteins for production of low-cost rapid diagnostic kits - HiTECENDROPIK
  Dr E Papaioannou
Application Deadline: 12 April 2019
Background. In spite of substantial progress in the development of sophisticated methodologies for disease detection, they are often difficult to apply at the point of need, and some can also be time-consuming and/or expensive.
  Airway, Liver and Muscle Gene Transfer to Create Therapeutic Protein Factories: utilising experience of in vivo gene transfer and/or in vivo gene editing to understand and manipulate the factors required for effective expression and secretion of therapeutic proteins
  Dr S Hyde, Dr D Gill
Application Deadline: 26 July 2019
We are focusing on strategies to deliver therapeutics via in vivo delivery of gene transfer vectors to generate ectopic “protein factories” capable of secreting therapeutic proteins into both the lung lumen and the systemic circulation.
  Analysing the factors that regulate expression of blood-brain barrier drug transporter proteins
  Dr J L Penny, Dr C Demonacos
Applications accepted all year round
In order to treat diseases associated with the central nervous system (CNS), e.g. cancer, Parkinson’s disease, depression, it is essential for therapeutic drugs to be able to penetrate into the brain.
  Interplay between the translation of upstream open reading frames and ribosome nascent chain-associated factors to control gene expression in eukaryotic cells
  Dr M Pool, Prof G D Pavitt
Applications accepted all year round
Eukaryotic mRNAs typically contain one open reading frame that is translated into protein. However many mRNAs contain additional upstream ORFs (uORFs) that regulate protein expression by controlling the flow of ribosomes to the main ORF, often by regulated reinitiation.
  Developing the hydrogen-deuterium exchange mass spectrometry technology to interrogate membrane protein dynamics
  Research Group: Inorganic Chemistry
  Dr A Politis
Application Deadline: 5 April 2019
This is collaborative project between King’s Chemistry (Politis Lab) and OMass Therapeutics (Oxford). The primary aim of the project is to explore how lipids impact on the structure, dynamics and function of human integral membrane protein assemblies.
  Flipping the switch; regulating protein synthesis in response to stress – to start October 2019 - for an MSc by Dissertation (MSD)
  Dr F Prischi, Dr U Bechtold
Application Deadline: 24 April 2019
Scientific background. All living organisms have adopted ways to maintain internal equilibrium and respond to stress factors. Consequently, they have evolved tightly regulated signalling pathways, which can sense changes in the environment and elicit a response.
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