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  Investigation into an aircraft fuel pump of the future EngD
  Dr C Lawson
Applications accepted all year round
Cranfield University and Airbus Operations UK are seeking a top class candidate to undertake research leading to the award of an International Engineering Doctorate awarded jointly by the Universities of Warwick, Exeter and Cranfield.
  Heat pump assisted distillation for the energy efficient separation of the liquid phase products from anaerobic digestion
  Dr M N Campbell-Bannerman, Dr A Majumder
Application Deadline: 28 February 2019
This project is part of a wider research programme into biological routes for the synthesis of chemical products. A key element of this approach is the separation of the chemical products from the aqueous broths produced by the bioreactors/anaerobic digestors, which is commonly achieved via distillation.
  Smart Monitoring: Using System Data to Reduce GHG Emissions from Heat Pumps in Operation
  Dr F Loveridge
Application Deadline: 31 January 2019
De-carbonising heat is an essential step to meeting our emissions and energy targets. Ground source heat pumps must play a role in this important challenge, yet are often shown to underperform compared to design scenarios, the so called energy performance gap.
  Understanding structure and drug binding in the multidrug pump ABCG2
  Dr I Kerr, Dr R Layfield
Applications accepted all year round
ABCG2 is one of three human ATP binding cassette transporters that are functionally capable of exporting a diverse range of substrates from cells.
  Nano structure enabled extreme light-matter interactions
  Dr S Andrews
Application Deadline: 27 January 2019
This experimental physics project will mainly be concerned with using ultrafast optical techniques at terahertz frequencies to explore the highly non-equilibrium dynamics of strongly driven electrons and lattice vibrations in materials which are of interest from either a technological or fundamental viewpoint.
  Reducing GHGs from the heat system - Implementation of buried infrastructure as a heat source
  Dr C Bale
Application Deadline: 8 February 2019
The UK Government has a commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80% by 2050. While the last five years has seen a 50% reduction in carbon density of the electricity grid, the target is unlikely to be met without also tackling the gas network.
  Studies of the interaction of intense laser pulses with plasma as ultra-compact accelerators, plasma-based laser amplifiers, and coherent and incoherent attosecond x-ray sources
  Prof D Jaroszynski
Applications accepted all year round
PhDs are offered in an exciting and challenging research area, with a vibrant group of experimentalists and theoreticians developing and applying ultra-compact accelerators and x-ray sources based on laser-plasma interactions.
  Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Sustainable Production of Chemicals and Materials
The University of Aberdeen has been awarded over £1million in funding to establish a centre that will train a new generation of researchers to develop technologies that convert organic waste into sustainable materials.
  Methods and tools for the simulation and design of geothermal heat exchangers
  Prof M Cimmino
Applications accepted all year round
Context. Geothermal systems are playing an increasingly important role in ongoing worldwide efforts to develop environmentally friendly, sustainable, and efficient ways of fulfilling space heating and cooling demands.
  Time-Resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopy using Hollow-Core Photonic Crystal Fibres
  Dr D Townsend
Application Deadline: 8 February 2019
Recent advances in hollow-core photonic crystal fibre technology now permit widely tuneable generation of femtosecond light pulses in the ultraviolet spectral region.
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