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We have 270 quantum PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships



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quantum PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 270 quantum PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

Open Digital Quantum Simulations in Circuit QED Quantum Computing (Sydney Quantum Academy scholarships)

Project. Open Digital Quantum Simulations in Circuit QED Quantum Computing. One of the most important applications of quantum computing is its use in quantum simulations, to model the behaviour of complex quantum systems, a task that is generally impossible to solve with classical computing technology. Read more

Integrating near-term quantum error correction into quantum technologies. PHY-05-Ouyang

  Research Group: Inorganic Semiconductors
Background. Quantum technologies, by harnessing the powers of quantum mechanics, hold much promise, but this promise is hindered by the inherent fragility of quantum data, and quantum states in general. Read more

Quantum correlations and many-body effects in quantum thermodynamic protocols

Fabrication and operation of devices for quantum technologies will be subject to limits imposed by thermodynamics. However, these devices’ components are often so small that can be described by a relatively small number of degrees of freedom, so that conventional thermodynamics cannot describe them properly. Read more
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Simulation-based Quantum Machine Learning for Advancing AI

We are seeking a highly motivated candidate to pursue a PhD opportunity in the exciting and rapidly growing field of simulation-based quantum machine learning to shape the future of AI and quantum computing. Read more

Quantum Dots for Quantum Technologies

The Bristol Physics PhD, GTA and Research Masters Scholarships. Project Title. Quantum Dots for Quantum Technologies . A world-class environment for your research degree. Read more

Quantum electronics based on hybrid super/semi-conductor devices

Keywords. Quantum Technology, Quantum Computing, Quantum Electronics, Semiconductor, Superconductor, Solid State Physics. The rise of quantum information science has provided bridges between different research areas in physics, engineering and material science. Read more

EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Delivering Quantum Technologies

4-year PhD programme in quantum technology and quantum systems engineering. Quantum technologies involve control and manipulation of quantum states to achieve results not possible with classical matter, transforming measurement, communication and computation. Read more

Next generation single-photon avalanche diode for emerging quantum technology applications

We are seeing the second quantum revolution, bringing quantum theory out of the lab. The advantage of quantum theory is opening a huge range of application in many sectors such as environment, data security, telecommunication, defence and aerospace etc. Read more

Quantum computing for computer vision: Quantum predictive sensing

Project ID. SST_CIRC_7. Operating an autonomous vehicle in a space that is shared with humans as well as other automated vehicles requires a robust pipeline for predicting the environment. Read more

PhD in Quantum Sensing

By harnessing fundamental features of quantum mechanics—such as superposition and entanglement—quantum sensors offer new frontiers for detecting quantities ranging from magnetic and electric fields to strain and temperature. Read more

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