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  Financial regulation and firm innovation - documenting the channel of how financial regulation may influence firm innovation.
  Prof F Liu, Dr Y Zhao
Application Deadline: 31 March 2019
Firm innovation has gained popularity in academic research over the recent years. One of the main arguments is that firm innovation generates firm value.
  Molecular mechanisms for the regulation of IL-10 production in T cells
  Dr A O’Garra.
Application Deadline: 18 March 2019
This 4-year PhD studentship is offered in Dr Anne O’Garra’s Group based at the Francis Crick Institute (the Crick). Interleukin (IL)-10 is critical for limiting the immune response to pathogens, therefore preventing immunopathology [1].
  Emotion regulation in strategic decision-making: A cognitive neuroscience approach
  Dr D Talmi, Prof G Hodgkinson, Dr P Warren
Applications accepted all year round
The emotional response to wins and losses influences decision-making. Emotion regulation refers to a family of techniques that modify the emotional response.
  Regulation of autophagy in human embryonic stem cells and its therapeutic application in induced pluripotent stem cell-based disease models
  Dr S Sarkar
Applications accepted all year round
Project background. Regulation of proteostasis is critical for maintaining tissue homeostasis. Autophagy, a major intracellular degradation pathway essential for cellular and energy homeostasis, functions in the clearance of aggregation-prone proteins and damaged organelles.
  Gender, Work and Regulation: Informalisation in Context
  Prof S Charlesworth, Dr F Macdonald, Dr A Delaney
Application Deadline: 30 April 2019
The project offers an opportunity to join a team of experts in the field of gender, work and regulation focussing on the role of regulation in the informalisation of women's employment.
  How to prevent promiscuous gene regulation
  Prof M C Gambetta
Applications accepted all year round
Regulatory elements that turn genes ON or OFF are promiscuous and can act over large genomic distances. How are genes protected from unwanted regulation?.
  Epigenetic regulation in heart failure and cardiac sudden death
  Dr X Wang, Dr V Liu
Applications accepted all year round
A large proportion of heart failure patients die from cardiac sudden death (SCD), a direct result of lethal ventricular arrhythmias, which is the principal cause of mortality from heart disease worldwide and remains a major unresolved public health problem.
  Regulation of gene expression in Drosophila ovarian germline stem cells
  Prof H Ashe, Prof M Ashe
Applications accepted all year round
Drosophila germline stem cells (GSCs) are a premier model for understanding stem cell regulation. Upon division, one GSC daughter remains a stem cell, whereas the other differentiates into a cystoblast (CB).
  Understanding mechanisms of Notch regulation and misregulation in endocytic pathway
  Dr M Baron, Dr R Clarke
Applications accepted all year round
Notch is a developmental signalling receptor with widespread and important roles in metazoan development and also in adult stem cell regulation.
  Neural circuits synchronisation and regulation of innate behaviors - application of quantitative methods to neuronal activity datasets
  Prof A Ponomarenko
Application Deadline: 1 May 2019
Prof. Alexey Ponomarenko at the Institute of Physiology and Pathophysiology of the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU) is looking for highly motivated students interested in neurophysiology, neuronal circuits and behavior and/or in mathematical biology and computational neuroscience.
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