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We have 86 repair PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships



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repair PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 86 repair PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

Three-dimensional hybrid composites for repair and recycling PhD

This PhD research opportunity focuses on the development of self-healing three-dimensional metal-composite hybrid materials. These will use through-thickness reinforcement to embed metallic elements, acting as a means of targeted heat introduction, to activate re-processable matrices like thermoplastics or vitrimers. Read more

Untying the knot: Remodelling of G4 structures by the NER machinery- implications in human DNA repair and regulatory pathways

Open PhD position on Genome Stability and Biochemistry. Joint PhD scholarship - St Andrews and Bonn-Biology. Untying the knot. Remodelling of G4 structures by the NER machinery- implications in human DNA repair and regulatory pathways. Read more

Development of a performance test method to evaluate effectiveness and service life of galvanic anodes used as part of repair systems and cathodic protection in reinforced concrete structures

One of the most challenging durability issues and causes of defects in reinforced concrete infrastructures is the corrosion of steel reinforcement, which leads to rust formation, cracking, spalling, delamination and degradation of structures (Popov, 2015 and Michael et al, 2016). Read more

Investigating DNA damage tolerance and repair responses on mitotic chromosomes in human cells

  Research Group: Genome Stability
We are seeking an enthusiastic and motivated PhD student to study the chromosome protection mechanism in human mitotic cells in an interdisciplinary project. Read more

Examining the dysfunction of DNA damage repair in synucleinopathies

DNA damage is an emerging stressor implicated in the pathogenesis of neurodegenerative diseases. Our recent research within post-mortem dementia with Lewy body brain tissue has highlighted the dysregulation of several DNA damage repair pathways, alongside the occurrence of a novel nuclear alpha-synuclein pathology. Read more

Computer vision and robot control for performing on-wing repair of aero-engines - (ENG - 1398X1)

Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre (UTC) in manufacturing and On-Wing Technology, The University of Nottingham. Applicants are invited to undertake a 3 year PhD programme in partnership with industry to address key challenges in on-platform manufacturing engineering. Read more

Investigating the role of RNA dependent DNA repair in childhood cancer

Damage to our genetic material DNA is responsible for a wide range of human diseases including neurodegenerative diseases, haematological diseases, immune deficiencies, early ageing and cancers. Read more

Exploring the cellular and molecular mechanisms mediating myelin formation, injury and repair in the central nervous system

We are seeking talented, motivated students with a passion for research on glial cells and their involvement in mechanisms mediating central nervous system development, function and disease states to join the Oligodendrocyte and Myelin Research Group led by Dr Daniel Fulton. Read more

Physics-based Multi-scale Modelling of Multi-Material Additive Manufacturing

Project Details. Additive manufacturing (AM) is emerging as a promising alternative for designing multi-material parts for complex geometries in engineering applications; especially in the biomedical sector. Read more

Tackling ageing in the gut: investigating the contribution of macrophages in the intestinal stem cell niche to gut maintenance and repair

Ageing of the gut is an important contributor to multimorbidities of the elderly, including frailty, and mental decline. However, the specific cellular and molecular mechanisms driving gut degeneration with ageing and how these lead to specific clinical outcomes are still unclear. Read more

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